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Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Rabbi Dovid Shloush, 96, OBM

With sadness we inform you of the passing of Rabbi Dovid Shloush, OBM, the chief Sephardic rabbi of Netanya, who was a dear friend of the Chabad community and the proud grandfather and great-grandfather of several Chassidim of the Rebbe. He was 96 years old.

Rabbi Shloush was a Torah luminary, whose many works on Halacha are a source of guidance for Poskim and Bnei Torah.

He was very active in spreading Torah and Mitzvos to the wider community, and was dearly loved and admired by all who knew him.

Rabbi Dovid’s son, Reb Netanel Shloush, OBM, became a Lubavitcher Chosid and raised his family in Crown Heights, until his tragic passing in December of 2003.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes

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