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Chabad Corporate Discount Number at Enterprise Rent A Car

For Shluchim, Anash & Yungerleit worldwide.

A Public Service Announcement!

For anyone who is coming to Crown Heights either for or a Simcha, or for any other reason and need to rent a car, below is the Chabad Corporate Number for Enterprise Rent a Car.

Corporate Account Number: 41M0174 Company: CHABAD
The Enterprise Corporate has the lowest rates for renting a car in New York. The corporate also works Nationwide including Florida and California

To Make a reservation online go to: Enter the account number in the last field of the home page. When asked to enter the first three letters of the account it is CHA, as in CHABAD,

To Make a reservation by phone Call 1-800-Rent-A-Car (800-736-8222)

Enterprise Offers:
*Friendly Service
*Free Pick up and drop off to and from your home. (from Crown Heights too)
*Free Mileage.
*No Underage Fee for Drivers under 25
*Don’t have to wait on line, walk directly to the Corporate Account Express Lane.

“ Enterprise always offers exceptional warm customer service to shluchim, the lowest rates possible, and offers complimentary upgrades upon availability” (R.G. Shliach From California)


  • 1. what you should know wrote:

    you wrote:
    “Enterprise Offers:
    *Free Pick up and drop off to and from your home. (from Crown Heights too)”

    it is true that they do offer free pick up and drop off for crown heights costomers, however it is only at 11:30am and 3:30 pm so otherwise you have to find your own way of getting there,
    i am talking about the one located @ 290 livingston av. brooklyn NY (from crown heights take the #3 train get off at nevins station).
    if any one can speak to them to make a pick up when ever the costomer would like it that they will get many more costomers here is their number please call maybe they will listen to you and you will be able to benefit as well # 718-488-8800 hours 7:30-6:00

  • 2. shlomo wrote:

    i rented a car in miami and in flatbush also.
    its a really good service, thanks.

  • 3. Asher wrote:

    I love their service, they pick you up when ever you need to be picked up, just if it gets real busy, they have a shuttle leaving crown heights every day at 9:30 , 11:30 , 2:30 and 3:30 those times they are forsure able to pick you up.

    if 2 people call , one person calls at 2:00 to be picked up and one person calls at 2:15, should they make 2 trips at 2:00 and 2:15 and keep an employee busy driving back and forth??? it doesnt make sense.

    they have great service , I just used them.

  • 5. Shmuel wrote:

    Hi guys. Sorry to inform you but you really should be doing your homework. Today, 7-12 i went to make a res in Lynbrook NY without using the corporate discount. Then a friend i daven with told me about the Chabad discount so i entered it. Guess what the corporate was more expensive than if i just went on line as a single reservation. You really should break Enterprises’ chops about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7. public service?? wrote:

    on every coorporate someone is making money! you can call it whaever you want and u make a pecentage

  • 8. lola wrote:

    Im just twenty years old i saw that u said they had no under 25 fee is the true for all locations?

  • 9. Mulo Lep wrote:

    recently I’ve reserved a car @ enterprise via chabad code, but when I arrived to pickup the car, they asked me Whats the Headquarters of the Chabad Corporation?
    I answered 770 Eastern Parkway, but they said its not the right answer.

    Can anyone please share the right answer here?


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