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Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Benjy Lieberman, 1, OBM

TRAGEDY: With great sadness, shock and deep pain we inform you of the tragic and untimely passing of Zisa Bentzion (Benjy) Leiberman OBM, a 1 year old toddler who was upstate with his family on winter vacation.

Sources close to family said that the Lieberman family, who reside primarily in Miami, Florida, were spending their winter vacation in their Evergreen Estates summer home in Loch Sheldrake, New York.

At 10:30 this morning they found Benjy, their 1 year-old toddler, unconscious after sustaining an injury. He was rushed to a nearby hospital where he tragically passed away.

He is survived by his parents Dovie and Tirtza Batya Lieberman and siblings Levi, Chana, Leah Sheindel, and Sarah.

The Levaya will take place Friday morning and will be passing by 770 at around 10:15am, from there it will continue to the Montefiore beis hachaim in Queens.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes


  • 1. The Guy with the Dog wrote:


    I feel that the word “untimely” doesn’t belong in any article regarding one’s passing, yet I’ve seen it posted on this website many times. It may seem untimely to us, but for the one who passed and Hashem, it most certainly isn’t.

    We should all share only simchas.

    • 2. Rivky wrote:

      You could have just said you’re sorry for their loss and left it at that.

      And perhaps the following line from Unisaneh Tokef may shed some light on the concept of timely and untimely deaths.

      “Mi B’Kitzo – umi lo B’kitzo?”
      “Who will die at his natural time, and whose life will be cut short abruptly?”

    • 3. An alternative wrote:

      Dear Guy with Dog:

      Instead of using the blog to complain about the writing style, there are other ways to contact the editor.

      Click on “CONTACT” at the top of this page, and you can get contact info. there. That way, you won’t look like a kvetcher in public (when your point IS worthy of discussion with the editor, but just NOT in this blog section!), AND you won’t be using this blog to unnecessarily detract from the truly tragic loss of this young child.

  • 4. To the guy with the dog wrote:

    #thanxforthewordsofwisdom but it was written to us not God…

  • 5. To both wrote:

    It is “untimely” because the order of life is not that parents bury children.

  • 6. The Guy with the Dog wrote:

    That was supposed to go to the editor of the website, and not the comment section.

    • 7. An alternative wrote:

      So next time you want to contact the editor of the website, do not use this “blog” function!

      Instead, go to the top of this page where it says “contact”, and phone or email using the contact info. there — don’t post your feedback as a blog “comment”!

  • 8. Mom who's lost a child wrote:

    To answer all of you who seem to have a problem with the word ‘untimely’:
    Any parent who’s lost a child, will tell you that child, no matter the age, passed away untimely.
    May his parents and family know no more pain.
    My heart aches for them. BDE

  • 9. chana malka wrote:

    Can’t you just say BDE and let Hashem be Judge?
    May the parents know no more sorrow.

  • 10. the rebbe said wrote:

    That it was untimely in reference to the histalkus of the rebbetzin

  • 11. too the family/ and to untimely commenter wrote:

    BD”E there are no words to in any vocabulary to express the comfort I am sure everyone would like to give you.

    and to whomever wrote about untimely I do have words for you — just shut your mouth

  • 13. sw wrote:

    why don’t you just close this comment section. If there are no words enough to comfort, then the website staff shd just wish the comfort and leave no other place for mistakes.

  • 14. To the guy with the dog wrote:

    If you have been following this website, “untimely” is used to denote those who pass away without having been ill. To avoid going into detail or sharing more info than necessary, it has been used as a quiet way to inform people of the situation.

  • 16. I feel such pain for the family wrote:

    I was young when my sister died after an accident. I saw how my parents suffered, and how we children suffered. My heart goes out to the entire family. May Hashem comfort you among the mourners of Tzion and yerushalayim

  • 17. Oy Vey - Know Them - Biggest Baalei Chesed in the World wrote:

    This is so, so terrible. They are about the biggest Baalei Chesed in the world. There was one time I was looking for a place to pick up toys for kids and asked her where the organization that did it was and she gave a whole bunch of toys and more.

    It says tzaras rabim chatzi nechomo and I hope that they know that everyone is grieving with them and wishes them only comfort. The boy had to, had to have been a special neshomo like the Baal Shem Tov story.

    May you only have comfort. HaMokom (Hashem who is here in this place and right there with the soul, who has only gone up a level, and connects us both at the same time together) Yenachem Eschem BSoich Shaar Aveiley Tzion Virushalayim.

    Also hope that the Rebbe’s true words of comfort help you. So, so, sorry.

    Rebbe’s words:

    Rabbi Nachum Rabinovitz, an elder chassid who lives in Jerusalem, was once waiting for yechidut (a private audience with the Rebbe). Among those waiting was a young man, obviously wealthy, but wearing a morose and despondent expression.

    A short while later, the young man entered the Rebbe’s room, and when he emerged, his expression had changed. His face beamed forth energy and vitality.
    Curious about this abrupt shift in emotion, when his own yechidut concluded, Reb Nachum inquired about the young man’s identity from the Rebbe’s secretaries and was able to arrange a meeting.

    “I am a wealthy man,” the young man told Reb Nachum, “but recently, my only son died. At that point, I felt that my life no longer had any purpose. I saw no value to my wealth or my position.

    “I went to the Rebbe for solace and advice.

    “The Rebbe asked me what my feelings would be if my son went overseas and was living in a foreign country from which he could not communicate to me, but in which I could be assured that all his needs were being met and he had no suffering at all.

    “I answered that although the separation would be difficult to bear, I would be happy for my son.

    “ ‘And although he could not respond, if you could communicate with him and send packages to him,’ the Rebbe continued, ‘would you do so?’

    “ ‘Of course,’ I answered.“ ‘

    This is precisely your present situation,’ the Rebbe concluded. ‘With every word of prayer you recite, you are sending a message to your son. And with every gift you make to charity or institution which you fund you are sending a package to him. He cannot respond, but he appreciates your words and your gifts.”

  • 18. Boruch Dayan Ha'Emes wrote:

    To the owner of Comment No. 17…you are truly a very special individual. To write those words to the family, and especially to tell us the yechidus of The Rebbe to a person who lost his only son…your post had me in tears, and I’m sure many others as well.

  • 19. Chalukas HaMishnayos wrote:

    Can we make a Chalukas Mishnayos? Everyone who knows these wonderful people are grieving for/with them and we’d all want to help. Can this site make an online Chalukas Mishnayos.

  • 21. So very sorry! wrote:

    I am so very sorry for your terribly painful loss. May this child’s neshama have an aliyah and come back to you immediately with the coming of Moshiach for the very best family reunion in history. Hamakom yinacheim eschem besoch shaar aveilei Tzion veYerushalayim!


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