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Boruch Dayan Hoemes: Reb Yosef Ladaew, OBM

With sadness we inform you of the passing of Rabbi Yosef Sholom Ladaew, OBM, of Nachlas Har Chabad, Israel.

Reb Yosef is survived by his wife, Leah, and children: Shneur Zalman Ladaew (Crown Heights), Ladaew Ladaew (Crown Heights), Yehudis Lifshitz (Nachlas Har Chabad, Israel), Devorah Benabou (Crown Heights), Chana Kozlovsky (Crown Heights), Avrohom Meir Ladaew (Kiryat Gat, Israel), Penina Saadi (Nachlas Har Chabad, Israel) and Eliyahu Ladaew (Crown Heights).

He is survived as well by his siblings: Nechama (Jerusalem, Israel), Moshe Ladaew (Lod, Israel), Yair Ladaew (France), Rachamim Ladaew (Crown Heights), Yehoshua Ladaew (Crown Heights), Osnat Sinov (Borough Park, NY), Sveta Gabrielov (Nachlas Har Chabad, Israel), Rivka Yisraelov (Beitar Illit, Israel), Leah Feizekov (Colorado), Rachel Yomtovin (Netanya, Israel), Shoshana Yizraelov (Lod, Israel) and Chana Yugdaiov (Elad, Israel).

The family members in Crown Heights will be sitting Shiva at 760 Montgomery St. [between Albany and Troy Aves.] Apt. #3A. Shachris – 9:00am. Mincha – 2:00pm. Maariv – 6:40pm.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes

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