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Boruch Dayan Ha’emes: Reb Yeshaya Schtroks, OBM

It is with much shock and great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Reb Avrohom Yeshaya Schtroks, of Morristown, NJ, at the age of 55. Update: The levaya will take place tomorrow, Monday, at 9:30 AM at Shomrei Hadas Chapels in Boro Park, and will pass by 770 at approximately 10:30 AM.

He is survived by his children – who are still reeling from the loss of their mother at a young age – Tziporah, Yosef Yitzchok, Menachem Mendel, Sholom Ber, Shneur Zalman, Shmuel and Levi.

Reb Yeshaya was a beloved melamed in the Morristown cheder for almost 30 years. He began teaching in 1984 under the personal direction of the Rebbe, and never left his post. He was much adored by his many students, who were greatly affected by his Chassidish demeanor and kindly smile.

With great care, love and devotion, he single-handedly raised his heartbroken children after the tragic passing of their mother, until he was happily remarried four years ago.

He passed away during his sleep.

The levaya will take place tomorrow, Monday. Further information will be announced as it becomes available.


  • 1. he was so young wrote:

    not one white hair!

    young in spirit, young at heart.

    my best teacher!

  • 2. Important wrote:

    Some of his family does not know about his passing so please be careful who you tell

  • 5. !!! wrote:


  • 6. Moshe H. wrote:

    B”DE. What a heartbreak. May Hashem console the family and may they never have to endure any pain

  • 7. former student wrote:

    Raboyasi this is the second death of our young rabbonim and mashpiyim. As lubavitchers we need to come together and stop fighting and be mekusher to the Rebbe. Rabbi Zirkin and Shtrocks gave themselves for the kehillos they lived in. Boruch Dayin HaEmses

  • 8. A Former Talmid wrote:

    Such a sad day!

    I was one of Rabbi Schtroks’s students–now almost 25 years ago– both in a classroom setting and also in a private tutoring setting. And while I was not in contact with him over all these years, he definitely came up in my memory every so often, and I use him as an example when discussing “good teachers.”

    All I can say at the moment is that this man was a real teacher; passionate, fair, prepared, and wise. He always came into the classroom knowing his stuff, and he came up with all kinds of devices to teach it well and to have his students know the material thoroughly.

    He would also be involved in the recess part of our day, as he was our pitcher when we played baseball, and would also instruct the kids who were not as adept with a bat how to hold and swing properly.

    He also instituted a once-a-week “Yiddish day”, where all that was allowed to pass our lips throughout the day was Yiddish. To drive the point home, he would give us a 5-minute penalty during soccer if we said as much as “pass me the ball” in English. We all took it in stride and laughed about it, as it made us think about speaking in Yiddish conversationally.

    If all the teachers in Lubavitch would be as dedicated and as passionate about teaching as he was, the community would look a lot different. People would be healthier.

    While going online to find out more about this tragedy, i discovered his profile on I thought, “how like Rabbi Schtroks to make a genealogy map of his family. He was quirky like that; interested in history and anthropology, mostly, of course, within a Jewish context.

    I remember him being fascinated by the fact that Rashi used the French noblewomen as an example for the look and style of the Eifod in Parshat T’tzaveh. He also would relish in all the French words that Rashi used to explain so many Hebrew words and ideas throughout the Torah.

    He was a humble man and a man who knew his place in society as a teacher of young children. He seemed to be very content with that and didn’t want for more. In fact, he seemed like the kind of guy who knew the importance of that position and was not only content but proud of that position.

    May his family be comforted in this time of sorrow.

  • 9. chana wrote:

    He is also survived by his wife; Mrs. Suri Schtroks, mother; Mrs. Musia Schtroks and Sisters and brothers; Rabbis Yossell,Nachum, Falik, and Mendel and Mrs. Bluma Perl, Mrs. Fruma Weg, Mrs. Sheindel Levertov, and Mrs. Nechama Dina Reinitz

  • 10. There are no words wrote:

    We, the extended family of R’ Shaya, and his wife Suri, are shocked and devastated beyond all words; our grief and heartache is felt and shared by the hundreds who knew Yeshaya for who he was, the kindest, warmest, most gentle person we have ever known; The total devotion he had for his dear dear wife, and children is second to none; he was a husband, father, son, teacher, par excellance, and loved by so many; to know him was to love him;so many of us have been touched in our lifetimes by his warmth, his genuine care and concern, and above all, his smile, which we will always remember him by; you could almost say it was his trademark.
    Our hearts go out totally to his wife,Suri and his family; we cannot begin to fathom the extent of their loss and pain at this tragedy; its almost unreal, a nightmare that we would want to wake up from now;
    We are with you, broken hearted, sharing your tears and your grief, we have cried today with you like never before;
    May Hashem give you the strength to bear this tragic loss, so that you’ll be able to continue your lives until the coming of Moshiach, NOW; We feel sure that Shaya, will storm the heavens and demand in his kind,warm, gentle way that the Aibishter bring Moshiach NOW; May you know of no further pain ever;
    Ad Mosai Ad Mosai Ad mosai????????
    Your family in London.

  • 11. Ad Mosai wrote:

    Hashem, how can you do this to your children? Bring Moshiach already! This golus is too much!

  • 12. important wrote:

    rabbi schtroks brother and mother do not know yet so please do not call or tell them, thank you
    a family member

  • 13. family member wrote:

    some immediate family members do not know yet and will only find out tom so please be careful about spreading the word to them.

  • 15. A great friend and roll model wrote:

    The Morristown community is in shock and tears over our loss. We lost a true friend, a model of what a chasidishe youngerman is and a true mikusher to the Rebbe

  • 16. ch-er wrote:

    i am in tears , i didn’t really know him much, just saw him around crown heights, but hearing about him , and how he undertook raising with children after his wife passed, was something to admire him for,

    may he be a meilitz yosher for us here ,

    he will no doubt join the forces of many (l“a) to bring moshiach already, for he has lived and very clearly knows the hardships of alma de”shikrah


  • 17. ch-er wrote:

    i am in tears , i didn’t really know him much, just saw him around crown heights, but hearing about him , and how he undertook raising with children after his wife passed, was something to admire him for,

    may he be a meilitz yosher for us here ,

    he will no doubt join the forces of many (l“a) to bring moshiach already, for he has lived and very clearly knows the hardships of alma de”shikrah


  • 19. Boruch dayan emes... wrote:

    Very tragic, but why post it if even his mother doesn’t know yet????

  • 20. chana wrote:

    the mother and brother will be told tomorrow once the brother lands as he was flying from overseas


    On top of it all, his children are now double orphans! Is there a fund to help with their material needs, tuition, weddings, etc.? IS THERE A FUND FOR THIS?

  • 22. grieving and in shock wrote:

    To baruch dayan emes. The family have no control over the media who posted the first report. Too late now.
    As regard to the the mother, she is elderly and must be handled with extra care. Please do not call her so that the family can take the necessary steps to prepare her gently, with close regard for her health. This came as a shock to all.

  • 23. A Lowenstein wrote:

    To “A Former Talmid”:

    I was also a student of Rabbi Schtroks’ more than twenty years ago. Your wonderful memories about Rabbi Schtroks are, I am sure, shared by many of his students.

    While I cannot say that I was in substantial contact with Rabbi Schtroks in recent years, I did speak to him now and then. He actually called me to wish me a shanah tovah not so long ago. What stood out more than anything was how much he believed in me and my potential, many years after I had left his class.

    Other former students I spoke to feel the same way. He appreciated the qualities every student had and felt that his job was not just to sit in the classroom for a few hours a day but to help the student develop his potential. He would routinely compliment individual students on their respective skills. Sitting in the classroom with him, one felt about oneself and the other students in the room that all had unique capabilities and were destined for great things.

    I think that is what made him such an exceptional teacher. He was not just trying to have his students achieve better grades. He wanted them to become the superstars that he believed they really could and should be. And this is what made him such a beloved teacher, despite being perhaps the strictest teacher we ever had. My former classmates regularly tell me how much of an impact Rabbi Schtroks had on them. This is extremely rare for a teacher of such young boys.

  • 25. frai wrote:

    Who are the babies in the picture? Is it his grandchildren or children?

  • 27. uziyohu brown wrote:

    have just made the brocho none of us likes making.I was a chaver in Kfar Chabad nearly forty years ago and got to know YESHAYA zal really well- an emesser chossid-May his family find nechama at this difficult time Uziyohu Brown Manchester


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