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Seudas Hodaah!

Baruch Hashem all of the tefillos for Refoel Yehoshua Nosson ben Bluma Esther (Zipp) have been heard on High and he has had a complete refuah from E Coli poisoning and he was released from the hospital on time to light his menorah the first night of Chanukah. Our family cannot even begin to express our great gratitude to Hashem and everyone. B’ezras Hashem we will be having his Seudah Hadoah, Tuesday evening, December 26th, 7:30 p.m., at Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad, 7215 Waring Avenue, Los Angeles, CA. We are looking forward to rejoicing this great miracle with our family and friends.

The Zipp Family


  • 1. Your neices and nephews wrote:

    Glad to have you home ‘feter’!!!
    may you always be strong and healthy!
    We love you!
    Tzivi, Dovi, Kovi & Raizy Klein

  • 4. Leah S.-s Sister wrote:

    Josh, we are so glad to hear that everyone’s prayers, including ours, were answered and that you have had a complete and miraculous recovery. May you live a very long and healthy life filled with joy, prosperity, much fulfillment and happiness.

  • 8. sruli krasnianski wrote:

    Josh, may g-d almighty bless you with long happy and wonderful years. so glad to hear youre okay.

  • 9. good freind wrote:

    I don’t you, but may hashem continue to shower you and all of klal israel with blessings!!!

  • 10. we are with u tonight from ny!!!!!!!!!!! wrote:

    don’t scare us like this anymore!!!!! we are so glad that you are well ,you should become this strong boy again and we should ONLY share simchas!!!!
    regards to the zipp and klein fams!!
    we love u
    yanky ,zelda,shmuly and yehudis rotenberg.

  • 11. anon. wrote:

    Josh and the enitre Zipp/Klein Family!

    We are so happy and grateful to hear about your Nes! May our families only continue to share in many more Simchas together! Amen!

  • 12. someone that-s inspired by your work!!!! wrote:

    josh,i was so happy to hear about your recovery!!!
    i want you to know that every single day since i got the phone call that you were in the hospitol i have been saying tehillim and i got my whole school
    (about 600 students and teachers) to say tehillim and to pray for you. may hashem bentch you that you sould always be in the best of health. may you now be able to use your renewed strength to accomplish more than before and may you continue to make the rebbe, your family, friends and klal yisroel proud of you!!!
    wishing you a life filled with health, wealth, happiness, strength,fulfillment and satisfaction!!!

  • 13. The Kellers wrote:

    We are so happy for you, we all said tehillim for you. We were thrilled to hear on erev chanukah that you went home!! It made the first night all the more special.May you only grow from strength to strength and give your parents and big sis much nachas!

  • 14. The bochurim from JETS wrote:

    We are looking forward to your return to Jets we all miss you a ton and cant wait till you come back

  • 15. Tehillim Works!! wrote:

    This sounds like it was very serious…we all heard of the Taco Bell problem, but now you’re recovered B”H, perhaps you could alert the Jewish public how you got E coli.

    I’m so happy all the Tehillim was heard by Hashem…May you go from strength to strength. Hope it was a great party!!May everyone who needs a Refuah be granted one B’Karov Mamosh! Keep saying Tehillim, folks.

  • 16. Yaci & Danny wrote:

    We love you Josh and we are praying for your complete recovery!!Thank G-D you are doing so much better. You are an amazing person Josh and the best cousin (sorry Shif-just kidding)ever!!!May you continue to get stronger and have full recovery. Love and Hugs!!! Yaci & Danny

  • 17. Rachel Markel wrote:

    Hey Josh,
    I’m so greatful to hear that you’re home and ok! I wish you a full recovery & you should be blessed with good things!!! I’ll probably be down in LA in the summer, and I’m expecting to see the usual strong Josh!
    P.S. Regards to the Zipps and Kliens


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