Moshe Yess, Noted Composer and Singer Passes Away

Moshe performing in the 1980’s.

Moshe Yess, known composer and singer, passed away this Motzai Shabbos after battling a terminal illness. He was in his 60’s.

Moshe is perhaps best known for his song “My Zaidy” as well as the creation of many children’s tapes like the Marvelous Midos Machine, and the Amazing Torah Bike.

Yess retired from music in his later years when his health began to decline, and ultimately passing at the age of 65 in Tucson, Arizona after battling cancer for a number of years.

He leaves behind family in Montreal.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes


  • ancient fan

    I really liked his music. I wish I could get hold of a tape (CD??) of Megama, his band/duo. They were so good & inspired a lot of Yidden to become Baalei Teshuva. BD”E.

  • go-d-s right hand man

    his contribution to judaism and society is beyond measure , go-d bless his soul, baruch dayan emes

  • Talis Without An Allegator

    BDE. At least they won’t bury him in a talis with an allegator like Jack Schwartz whom he wrote about in his song.

  • cher

    as soon as i saw this article i started to cry!
    its really sad to see such things happening to Beni yiroel HASHEMS chosen people!
    May We Be Blessed With Only The Best! AMEN!

  • Shlomo

    Reb Moshe is now with the Rebbe, his Rebbe.
    When he will be asked above, by Hashem and the Rebbe, “What did you do, as was asked, to ‘Spread to the world’ that Moshiach’s coming”?. Moshe will have what to answer for himself.

    There are basically 2 types of Chassidim.
    One type, spends his life making himself a Chossid of his Rebbe.
    The other, spends his life making the Rebbe, HIS Rebbe.
    Doing what his Rebbe wanted, not what he, the Chossid thought of what should be done ‘instead of’ or better.

    Say what you want about him, there are always those that will.Some people feel the need to put / make someone lower than themselves,to feel greater or on a higher level.Nebach.
    But Hashem and the Rebbe knows the Emes. He gave it his best shot. He dedicated his life work to the Rebbe. He gave it his ALL.
    And what are ‘those’ going to be able to say about yourself? Hummm.
    …“but I could of told you Vincent, this world was never made for one as beautiful as you”.
    A Kapora for Klal Yisrael, Mamish.

  • Amazing Composer

    awesome composer. his lyrics and feeling were truly one of a kind. my kids still listen to tapes he made when i was a kid!

  • BD E

    He was an amazing person! Although in the beginning do they mean a composer? Or a composter?

  • Dovber

    Baruch Dayan hoemes. His music gave me and many people around the world joy and happiness. May his Neshoma have an aliya.

  • Dovber

    Baruch Dayan hoemes. His music gave me and many people around the world joy and happiness. May his Neshoma have an aliya.

  • say yes to moshe yess

    ohhh :-((((( as a child i felt so drawn to his music and tapes, sooo sad

  • Baruch dayan emes

    we would sing his songs loud and proud in camp! BDE. we are all truly sad.

  • cma

    I grew up with Moshe. I was really saddened that we heard so little from his lately. I did not know he was unwell. I know that his neshomo is going to be asking a lot of tough questions upstairs. So so sad.

  • So sad

    so sad Baruch Dayan Haemess
    Today I mourn a friend
    A very gifted and talented person
    A person that had a profound influence on me
    And on my music
    I must say that he was the first person that wowed me with his music
    And it’s thanks to him that I started playing guitar
    I remember listening to his first album Megama (over and over again)
    Yes, I had the record ……
    His tunes, his lyrics, his guitar playing
    I couldn’t get enough of it
    He simply blew me away
    And as I grew, personally and musically
    I started to cross paths with Moshe
    We played together at a concert here and there
    And it was always a thrill for me
    And though I was much younger than him
    And his musicianship light years ahead of mine
    We developed a relationship
    Moshe was a deep thinker
    A gifted balladeer
    A great storyteller
    And a phenomenal musician
    And since music is the pen of the soul
    We can just imagine how big his soul was

    As a tribute to Moshe Yess, I will learn some Mishnayos for him
    Chaim Fogelman

  • Please Help

    Can anyone please give over Moshes full name and that of his mother?
    Also, what Kapitel of Tehillian is being said?

  • daniel halevi bloom

    My kids book Bubbie and Zadie Come to My House, written in 1985, came out of Moshe’s soul, too. His Zadie song still touches me today, as I get ready to pass on as well. 1949-2032, God willing1