Conservative Talkshow Hosts Dons Tefillin at Kotel

Conservative Talkshow host Mark Levin, who was at the Kotel today marking Jerusalem Day and attending the opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem on Monday, put on Tefillin at the local Chabad Tefillin booth.


  • Some back story

    Levin Who put on Tefilin for the first time at the Kotel, was asked how they got him to do it, so he responded that his immediate reaction was not to do it as he never did it before, the guy told him what better place to start then right here at the Western wall, so he put it on, first time!

  • nice

    nice smile on his face.
    happy to be in Israel and happy to wearing tfillin.

  • Hershel Gourarie

    Hershel was the one who got him to put on Tefilin. He is such a special shliach, I am sure his father Yossi is having lot’s of nachas from heaven.

  • lenny

    Most educated and smartest radio host in all of the United States.
    I adore you Mark