8:40pm: Cteen Havdalah Live from Times Square

Experience Havdalah like never before! Join 2,000 CTeen’ers live as they take over Times Square with a massive Havdalla and Jewish concert at the Crossroads of the World. Broadcast starts at 8:40pm here on CrownHeights.info

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  • 1. Rabbi Kotlarsky wrote:

    Thank you Rabbi Kotlarsky for letting the teens there and us on the internet hear such an inspiring speech! The organizers of C-Teen look like they are doing amazing work in the Rebbe’s shlichus, empowering so many teens with a positive Torah outlook.. We will have one less hour of galus this Purim (the clocks change) and these teens are surely helping Moshiach come faster. Shavuah Tov! Gutten Chodesh! Moshiach now!


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