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Amazing Mivtzoim Encounter Captured on Video

“Are you Jewish by any chance? Do you want to hear the Shofar?” New York based filmmaker Joshua Wolff laments that he could not walk around this time of year without ‘being accosted’ with those questions. He did not want to stop and hear Shofar, so what did a Lubavitcher Bochur do? It was all captured in an amazing clip!

The video was presumably taken on Rosh Hashanah somewhere in Brooklyn by New York based filmmaker Joshua Wolff. He was out for a jog when he happened upon a group of Bochurim out on Mivtzoim and blowing Shofar for people on the street.

Wolff writes on the video that “it is impossible to walk the streets of New York this time of year, looking like I do, without being accosted.”

Uninterested in hearing the Shofar, Wolff asks the unidentified Bochur if he would like to run with him, and is later amazed at the Bochur’s ability to keep up and complete all the required Tekios.

The encounter ends with both Wolff and the Bochur wishing each other “Shana Tova.”


  • 4. Jerk! wrote:

    Loads of garbage In this world and he needs to spend time poking fun and young teens devoting their data to help others. This guys is self centered and I find this video repulsive.

  • 7. Wow! wrote:

    Great job bochur!!!

    Whoever you are – you made an amazing Kiddush shem shamayim (Lubavitch) and did a fantastic (despite the difficulty) job blowing shofar. Kol Hakavod.

  • 8. hat_glasses_beard wrote:

    The following was a comment made on this video on r/brooklyn:

    “Yeah, I get it, though sometimes I feel like I have to lie and so no I’m not Jewish, because I’ve had times when I’ve admitted to being Jewish but said I was too busy or that I’m not religious, which has on more than one occasion resulted in being followed and argued with for blocks.
    Although one of the times that happened was not here in Brooklyn but in LA, and it was one guy all by himself with no other haredi in sight and I don’t think it was a near a high holy day, it was very weird.”

    As Shluchim of the Rebbe and as very obvious Jews, we need to think a bit about what we are doing. Of course we are persistent in our Mivtzoim, but 90% of the people we talk to are really clueless about what you are asking them to do. Hang out on the site enough and you start to come across very negative comments directed towards Mivtzoim. (And a nice amount of positive.)

    Please be careful to blend persistence and not making a chillul Hashem by being annoying!

    Here is what the guy in the video said about the experience:

    “Definitely. (we) both shook hands and had a laugh too. Just saying.”

    “No apologies necessary! Thanks for your awesome description- makes more sense now, thanks. Both of us had some great time—-we all should get beers soon!”

  • 9. hey! wrote:

    This is what you call a bachur who is “Hamaaer who Ha Ikkur!! Go team Chabad!!

  • 15. Jay Schwartz wrote:

    When I clicked on the video, a message appears saying Youtube removed the video for some kind of copyright violation…???

    What’s going on?

    Is this video posted anywhere else?



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