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Putting on Teffillin with the Wolf of Wall Street

Rabbi David Masinter director of Chabad activities at Chabad House in Johannesburg South Africa putting on Tefillin with Jordan Belfort. Belfort is known as the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ after his two bestselling novels which he authored after being released from a 22 month stint in prison.

Jordan Belfort, an American author, motivational speaker, and former white collar criminal who spent 22 months in jail for offenses related to stock market manipulation and running a boiler room. He became notorious in the 1990s for founding the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont which functioned as a boiler room.

As the owner of Stratton Oakmont, he employed over 1000 stockbrokers and raised over $1 billion for small-cap public companies, including footwear company Steve Madden Ltd. He was indicted in 1998 for securities fraud and money laundering. After cooperating with the FBI, he served twenty-two months in federal prison for a Pump and dump scheme, which resulted in investor losses of approximately $200 million.


  • 1. Wonderin- wrote:

    Hug him with one hand and slap him with the other. If the purpose is to show a Jew putting on tefilin, why mention his wrongdoings? If what he did was bad enough to feel the necessity to repeat it, do we really want to publicize a picture of him putting on tefilin?

  • 2. Rov Masinter is the bomb! wrote:

    Only the Rov can pull this off, as he does eevrything else. He shliach who acts as a role model for other shluchim and lubavitchers the world over.

    Keep up the great work Rov, may the aibershter give you the koichois that you need and repay you in abundance for all that you do for Judaism and humanity at large!

  • 4. Beware wrote:

    Pump and dump scheme is how a certain Kohen in Australia makes his money. It is worse than a Ponzi.

  • 5. Aussie wrote:

    They are making a movie called wolf of wall street with Leonardo Di Caprio to play Jordan Belfort and directed by Ridley Scott… should be a ripper!!!

  • 6. Duvidle wrote:

    Forget the movie and the books. Enough chillul Hashem- Now its time for only a Kiddush Hashem.

    Teshuva-Tefilla and TZEDAKA.

    That is it.


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