Bochurim on Shlichus Featured in NZ Newspaper

Rabbis Menachem Spielman and Sruly Myhill, both formerly Shluchim to Singapore, were recently featured in the Otago Daily Times, of New Zealand, where they are continuing their Shlichus.

They have visited several towns and cities, including Dunedin, which once boasted a large Jewish community, where they met the president of the current progressive congregation and visited the shul, which houses centuries-old Torahs and other artifacts. This includes a fascinating inscribed and carved Shofar, which they blew (video below) [note: they were aware of the highly questionable halachic status of the shofar, and used our own one directly afterward].

They are currently making their way across the South Island of New Zealand from Queenstown to Nelson, where they will be leading the Rosh Hashana services.

If you have any leads on Jews around Christchurch, Picton, Nelson, and the surrounding areas, please send an email to!


  • Admirer

    Not to mention they raised all the money for the trip and for their time there. Kol hakovod!

  • Kol Hakavod Rabbis Menachem Spielman and Sruly Myhill

    Awesome job guys! You are an example of real shluchim and you haven’t wasted a second since gaining smicha. What a credit to the community. Keep up your amazing work!!

  • Clarification

    The questionable status of the Shofar is due to the possibility of crack inside it; the writing and carving do not change the sound and wouldn’t make it assur.