Weekly Letter: Use the Opportunity to Energize and Attain A Higher Spiritual Level

In his letter about the great opportunity we have to do TESHUVAH – the Rebbe explains briefly that in our spiritual ups and downs we should keep in mind the difference between atzvusi/depression (undesirable) and merirus/bitterness (desirable) and use the opportunity to energize and attain a higher spiritual level.

 By the Grace of G-d

25th of Elul, 5735

Brooklyn, N.Y.


Skokie, Ill.

Greeting and Blessing:

I am in receipt of your letter in which you write of your spiritual ups and downs.

Surely you know that sad to say, this is not unusual among young people. Indeed, the Alter Rebbe explains it at length in the holy Tanya that this is an experience also of those who have attained the high level of Benoni. At the same time he explains that his should not bring to a state of atzvus (depression), though occasionally there is room for a feeling of merirus (bitterness), as he explains there the difference between he two terms; the first being inhibiting and paralyzing, while the second, being in a state of dissatisfaction, is stimulating and energizing to attain a higher spiritual level (see there, ch. 26 and further. As you know there is an English translation of the Tanya with footnotes, etc.)

The present days of Elul are particularly auspicious for spiritual advancement as the Alter Rebbe explains elsewhere (Likutei Torah, Re’eh 32b) by means of the parable of the “King in the Field.” These auspicious days are followed by the auspicious “Ten Days of Teshuvo (Repentance)” of which our Sages say that they are referred to in the verse, “Seek G-d where He can be found, call on Him where He is near.”

It is advisable and it is also customary at this time, to have the Tefillin and the Mezuzos checked, to make sure they are kosher. I trust you also carefully  observe the three daily shiurim of Chumash, Tehillim and Tanya.

                             Wishing you a Kesivo va’Chasimo Tova, 

                                                  With blessing,

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