Weekly Letter: Teshuva Is Not as Difficult as One Anticipates

In preparation for Rosh Hashanah we focus on teshuvah during the preceding weeks. To one desiring to do teshuva and lead a life of Torah and mitzvos, the Rebbe reassuringly explains that it is not as difficult as one anticipates. This letter is from volume 5 of The Letter and The Spirit.

By the Grace of G-d
26th of Iyar, 5744
Brooklyn, N.Y.
London, N 4 2PT
Great Britain

Greeting and Blessing:

I received your letter and of course read with special interest about your urgent desire to live a full life as a practicing Jew. You also ask for guidance and help to achieve this goal.

Needless to say, such a subject cannot be adequately discussed in a letter. However, this is not really necessary, for my suggestion is that you should discuss this matter personally with an Orthodox Rabbi in your community and he will be able to give you the proper guidance. Inasmuch as Rabbis treats such matters in confidence and they have experience, and at the same time have the knowledge of Torah and Torah living, to which an Orthodox Rabbi is dedicated, you can be sure of getting the proper advice and guidance

I will make reference to one point in your letter, where you write about the fact that the whole thing is new for you and the difficulties which you expect in the course of readjusting yourself in accordance with the Torah and mitzvos. The Torah declares, and it is also a matter of common sense, that Hashem does not expect of anyone anything which is beyond ones capacity. Since He expects every Jew, without exception, to order his life in accordance with His Will, namely in accordance with the Jewish way of the Torah , it is clear that this is well within the capacity of every Jew and that every Jew has been provided with the necessary capability to overcome whatever difficulties he may face in this connection. If a Jew experiences extraordinary difficulties, it only goes to show that Hashem has given him extraordinary capacities to overcome them, and thus to have the extraordinary satisfaction of having achieved his goal. Moreover, since the challenge has been met with the necessary inner potential strength, the newly discovered strength becomes part of the person’s arsenal to utilize for his benefit, for the benefit of those surrounding him and for the benefit of the community at large.

If you will let me know your full Jewish name, together with your mother’s Jewish name, as is customary, I will remember you in prayer for the fulfillment of your heart’s desires for good, especially for a greater measure of hatzlacha towards the speedy achievement of your goal, since time is of the essence, as is obvious. For this reason, this letter is being sent to you by special delivery.

With blessing,

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