Weekly Letter: The Rebbe’s Message To The JTA

In honor of Shavuos – Festival of the Giving of the Torah – we present a press release given to the JTA, with a message from the Rebbe for all Yidden in preparation for this holy and significant day.J.T.A. RELEASE 6/254


The world renowned Lubavitcher Rabbi, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, issued a special Shavuot Message, excerpts from which follow:

Shavuot, the festival commemorating the greatest event in Jewish and world history – the Giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai – brings to us a message of unity, peace and mutual love. According to our Midrashic sources, the Torah should have been given immediately upon Israel’s departure from Egypt. It was delayed for seven weeks, however, until the children of Israel were fully united into one nation. This is indicated in the words of the Torah: “And Israel encamped there facing the mountain” (Ex. 19:2) – in the singular, i.e. “all Israel as one man with one heart.” It was then that “the Torah which is all peace was given to the peace-loving nation.”

Unity and peace can be abused or misdirected, but in that case they are doomed to failure. Only such unity and peace which are rooted in the Torah and for the Torah (“Facing the Mountain “) can be long-lived and bring true peace and happiness.

Nowadays, more than ever, it should be realized that the only true unifying force of our people is the Torah and Mitzvot, which unite all Jews among themselves and with G-d.

Every Jew should dedicate himself toward s such unity and everyone, man, woman and child can accomplish much in this direction in his own immediate environment.

The Torah was given, s our Sages say, for the purpose of bringing peace to the world – the big world and the small world, i.e. man. Starting with oneself, to attain inner peace and harmony and unity with G-d, through the study of the Torah and the observance e of the precepts, it is the duty of every Jew to work for the ideal and make it a practical reality. Let us all rededicate ourselves to Ahavas HaShem, Ahavs HaTorah and Ahavas Yisroel, the three loves that are one and which make for true unity, harmony and peace and in this spirit celebrate the Festival of the Giving and Receiving of the Torah in our daily life.

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