Weekly Letter of the Rebbe: War Miracles

As we approach the 49th anniversary of the Six-Day War, we present a letter from the Rebbe in which he discusses the miracle of the Six-Day War and of the Yom Kippur War. The letter, written originally in English, is from the archives of the Rebbe’s personal trusted secretary, Rabbi Nissan Mindel.

By the Grace of G-d

16th of Cheshvan,5734

Brooklyn, N.Y.



Greeting and Blessing:

Here I wish to refer to one point in your  recent letter, where you wrote about the difference between the Six Day War and the so-called Yom Kippur War, in that G-d’s miracles were  more obvious in the Six Day War, etc.

As a matter of fact, there were ample miracles and quite obvious ones in the last war. The overall miracle, which has now been revealed, although not overly publicized, is the survival after the first few days of the war, when even Washington was seriously concerned whether the Israeli army could halt the tremendous onslaught of the first attack. Slowly and gradually some details are now being revealed also in the Israeli press as to how serious was the danger in those early days of the war.

The greatest miracle was that the Egyptians stopped their invasion for no good reason only a few miles east of the Cana! The obvious (Rebbe’s handwritten words:  (which?)“brought full victory to the Germans over France in a few days”) military strategy would have been to encircle the few fortified positions in the rear and with the huge army of 100,000 men armed to the teeth, to march forward in Sinai, where at that point in time there was no organized defense of any military consequence. This is something that cannot be explained in the natural order of  things, except as it is written, “The dread of the Jews fell upon them,” in the face of their intelligence reports about the complete unpreparedness of the Jews in Eretz Yisroel at that time.

There are also scores of reported miracles in various sectors of both fronts, which need not be recounted here.

The essential point of the whole tragic war is that it could have been prevented and, as the case of medicine, prevention is more desirable than cure. For, at first glance, the accomplishments of the physician in curing the sick seems more impressive by the dramatic results than preventive medicine where there could be some delusion that sickness would somehow be avoided, but in truth it is much better, of course, to be spared the pain and anxiety of the sickness altogether, by immunization. The latter is the way of G-d, as it is written “All the sickness…I will not afflict upon thee, for I , G-d, am thy physician.” (Ex. 15:26).

Now it is quite evident how important and urgent has been the appeal made last summer, centered on the verse, “Out of the moths of babes and infants You have ordained strength(oz)… to still the enemy and avenger.” All the more so since in the present situation the “enemy and avenger” has made no secret of his intention.

If recent events will have taught everyone the basic  lesson that Jews jave no one to rely upon except G-d Himself and that the real strength of our people lies in the Torah and mitzvos, called oz, as is written “Hashem oz l’amo yitein” – then the sacrifices will not have been in vain. Certainly every one of us must redouble our efforts to bring this realization closer to own fellow Jews everywhere.

With blessing,



The above letter is from The Letter and the Spirit by Nissan Mindel Publications (NMP).

These letters were written originally in English and were prepared for publication by Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel, whose responsibility it was the Rebbe’s correspondence in English and several other languages.

We thank Rabbi Shalom Ber Schapiro, who was entrusted by his father-in-law Rabbi Mindel with his archives and who is Director of the Nissan Mindel Publications (NMP), for making the Rebbe’s letters available to the wider public. May the merit of the many stand him in good stead.

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