Letter & Spirit: Science Affirms Monotheism

In this week’s edition of Letter & Spirit, we present a letter of the Rebbe in which he expounds on the unity we find in creation, which science is coming to realize more and more as it searches for the ideal formula which would combine all physical phenomena into one comprehensive equation. The letter was written through the Rebbe’s trusted secretary Rabbi Nissan Mindel, and was made available by his son-in-law Rabbi Sholom Ber Shapiro.

The Rebbe explains that this unity in nature is the reflection of true monotheism.

This new weekly feature is made possible by a collaboration between CrownHeights.info and Nissan Mindel Publications. Once a week we will be publishing unique letters of the Rebbe that were written originally in the English language, as dictated by the Rebbe to Rabbi Mindel.


By the Grace of G-d

21st of Sivan, 5725

Philadelphia, Pa.

Greeting and Blessing:

Thank you for your letter in which you write about your research project, inviting my comment.

At the risk of not sounding very “scientific” to you, I nevertheless wish to express my hope that you will apply also your research work to good advantage in the service of G-d, in accord with the principle, Know him in all thy ways.” Indeed, the discoveries in the natural sciencehave thrown new light on the wonders of Creation, and the modern trend has consequently been towards the recognition of the unity pervading nature .In fact, with every advancement in science the underlying unity in the physical world has become more clearly discernable; so much so, that science is now searching for the ideal formula which would comprise all the phenomena of the physical world in one comprehensive equation. With a little further insight it can be seen that the unity in nature is the reflection of true monotheism in its Jewish concept. For, as we Jews conceive of monotheism, it is not merely the belief that there is only One G-d, but that G-d’s Unity transcends also the physical world, so that thereis only one reality‚ namely G-d.  To be sure, creation included a multiplicity and diversity in nature – insofar as the created beings themselves are concerned, but these do not affect any change in the Creator, as explained at length in Chassidut.

With Blessing,


The above letter is from the archives of Rabbi Dr. Nissan Mindel, a personal secretary to the Previous Rebbe and The Rebbe, whose responsibilities included the Rebbe’s correspondence in English.

Many of the letters are now being published in The Letter and the Sprit, a series of volumes by Nissan Mindel Publications.

We thank Rabbi Sholom Ber Shapiro, director of Nissan Mindel Publications and the one entrusted by Rabbi Mindel, his father-in-law, with his archives, for making these letters available to the wider public. May the merit of the many stand him in good stead.

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  • 1. ben Toiroh wrote:

    One Science, One Nature.
    A Toiroh subject for our mesivtoh and yeshivoh boys.
    Elucidating conventional scientific data with the light of Toiroh and Toiras haChassidus leading to the correct conclusions.
    Expanding realisation of Eloikim, Clarifying Emunoh, and setting a real-world foundation for Yahadus and pride therein.

    Also: History – Yahadus advancing civilisation, morality and justice in the common world.

    M. Mazes


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