As of Today, WhatsApp is No Longer A “Kosher App”

Following the most recent update to the popular messaging app WhatsApp, a new feature in the app, Channels, has rendered the app “UnKosher”.

From within WhatsApp, in any account, one can now easily choose to follow any and all of numerous channels.

Netflix, Mark Zuckerberg (an intermarried Jew), NY Times and countless other channels are now at our, and our children’s fingertips.

Perhaps it is now time to take a closer look at how we use this app and for the sake of ourselves and our children, let’s think of a creative substitute (signal is kosher).

May we all merit a wonderful year filled with all the brochos.


    • Yosef

      What makes anything ‘Kosher’ outside of what Torah determined as Kosher in food that needs to go through a Koshering process? is walking any street particularly Kosher?

  • Holler

    Give a try to Holler. It is limited to contacts only. Converts voice, to text, your kids can speak a message and you will be able to read or listen. It even speak your voice, type your message and kid can listen to it spoken with your voice.
    Beta is available on Apple Test flight:

  • Yeshivagram

    You can try Yeshivagram which is the first kosher social media platform with filters and live on both android and iTunes.

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