INFURIATING: Hatzalah Paramedic Pulled Over By NYPD While Responding to Emergency Call

In an infuriating incident, a Queens Hatzalah Paramedic responding to an emergency Cardiac call was pulled over by an NYPD Highway patrol officer. The officer detained the Hatzalah Paramedic for thirteen minutes, before letting him go with a summons.


When someones life is in danger and seconds count, you would expect to find help with the police. Not today though, when a NYPD Highway Patrol officer pulled over a Hatzalah Paramedic who was en route to a call.

The Paramedic had been dispatched to a Cardiac emergency in Queens, and was responding with his lights flashing, when a Highway Patrol officer pulled him over for using his red emergency lights illegally.

The Hatzalah volunteer identified himself with his credentials, and informed the officer that he was responding to an emergency, to no avail.

The officer detained the paramedic for thirteen minutes, before letting him go with a summons for illegal use of red emergency lights.

Hatzalah volunteers are legally allowed to use their lights and sirens under VTL codes 1104, Law 375 (26 and 41) and 115c.

Such incidents are rare, but have occurred in the past.