150 Hatzolah Members From Around The Globe Attend International Hatzolah Conference in Jerusalem


In a first of its kind collaboration, Magen David Adom along with Chevra Hatzolah and Hatzolah organizations from around the world are holding an international conference in Israel

The international conference was initiated by Magen David Adom (MDA) and Hatzolah New York and is set to take place between Monday May 20, 2019 and Thursday May 23, 2019. Over 150 participants from around the world will be treated to a wide array of training, special seminars, and will partake in live action drills which are designed to teach participants to manage complex incidents including Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI), terror attacks and motor vehicle collisions.

Hatzolah members from 40 divisions are at the conference, including Australia, Chile, Mexico, London, Antwerp, LA, Miami all NYC, Lakewood, Argentina and many others.

MDA is in constant contact with Hatzolah organizations around the world, providing training seminars around the world to improve the response to emergency incidents in the Jewish communities. The international conference being held this week in Israel will expose participants to MDA’s activities in Israel, and the unique challenges facing MDA personnel on a daily basis.

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