Hatzalah Launches Aviation Division


At the 50th Year Hatzolah International Conference in Jerusalem, members of the Executive Branch of Chevra Hatzolah announced the formation of Hatzolah Emergency Air Response Team (HatzolAir), a 501c(3) to be operational Summer 2019.

Isaac Stern, member of Chevra Hatzalah’s Executive Board proudly shared “Chevra Hatzolah is celebrating its 50th year saving lives across its many branches while new divisions are being established across NY, America and Worldwide. This summer we will be formally launching our newest Hatzolah Branch, Hatzolah Air, to assist patients and families with urgent and emergency transports for care beyond the capabilities of ground vehicles.”

HatzolAir is fully funded by donations and is launching with its first airplane, a Lear 60 capable of flying over 2000nm without refueling, based in the NY area, with active plans in progress to increase it’s fleet within the United States and across the globe.

More details to be released following the official launch.

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