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Accomplice to the Killer of Menachem Stark Sentenced to Only 2 and 1/2 Years

One of the men who was involved in the killing of Landowner Menachem Stark was sentenced to only 2 and 1/12 to 7 years in prison for his crime. The reasons given were his relative youth, his secondary place in the crime, and no other crimes on record.


Kendall Felix, one of the men involved in the murder and burning of landowner Menachem Stark was sentenced to only two and a half years with a maximum sentence of seven years following his trial.

Kendall admitted in his confession as having been involved in the coverup of the kidnap and murder.

Menachem Stark was accosted as he left 331 Rutledge Street, qas forced him into a waiting vehicle and driven away from the location.

Kendall admitted to having went to buy the gasoline to burn the body, after the men realized they had killed Mr Stark while attempting to subdue him.

The judge presiding over the case, Justice Danny Chun, decided to give a lenient sentence, looking at his relative youth and lack of prior record. He also noted that Kendal was not the mastermind behind the plot, and there was no no intent to murder.

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