Nanny Attempts to Smother Child in Lakewood

Yeshiva World News

An absolutely horrifying incident was reported by TLS on Monday morning.

A Lakewood mother awoke during the night to hear her 4-week-old infant screaming, and then suddenly stopping. The father ran to the door of the newborns bedroom, where he listened from outside. he heard silence, and then suddenly heard shrieking. The mother barged into the room to find their nanny standing over the child with a pillow on her face.

The mother yelled “what are you doing”?!

The nurse responded “it’s not what it looks like”.

The husband ordered the woman out of his home during the night, and offered to drive her to a bus station.

TLS who spoke to the father exclusively said that he was wondering why the baby monitor wasn’t working properly, and now has reason to believe that it was tampered with.

The woman came from a reputable agency that provides live-in nannies. The agency is investigating the incident.


  • Why?

    Why did he offer to drive her to a bus station where she can flee instead of call the police?

    • yeah..

      was thinking the same thing
      what if she tries this somewhere else and is successful god forbid??

    • How stupid

      Call 911.
      Call Hatzallah!
      Baby was being smothered- for whatever reason that “its not what it looks like”!!!
      Last thing you do is offer her a ride – unless it was straight to the police station!

      And people, get a life. It’s your baby. Your don’t need a nurse so you can get beauty sleep! You need to bond with the baby, and the baby needs you.

  • imma krener

    Why not call the police immediately the best is not to hire a stranger to take care of your newborn

  • Andrea Schonberger

    I think many parents are equating baby sitter with nanny when, in fact, there’s a huge difference. A baby sitter is someone who looks after children for a few hours at most, usually a teen girl wanting to earn spending money–I did this when I was a teen. A nanny is a woman who specializes in baby/childcare and preschool education–this is a career, not an after school job–they are paid accordingly and you can bet it’s not minimum wage. I’m truly sorry for the parents and I’m surprised that they forgot or didn’t know the old adage about you get what you pay for. If you want quality you must pay for it–don’t do it on the cheap.

  • ML

    Why let her get away? Detain her and call the cops. Attempted murder is serious, not something to belittle.

  • Anonymous

    A new born should NEVER be with a stranger PERIOD END OF STORY! And I would certainly not even consider someone I don’t know sleeping in my house outside of hemish Shabbos guests and even in that case they have to come referred by ppl I KNOW. It was wrong of him not to call law enforcement . She may certainly attempt this again if given the opportunities. The agency might stand behind her so they won’t have any legal issues. It’s selfish on this family’s part to stay silent just because THEIR child is ok

    • Andrea Schonberger

      You’re 100% correct! The parents should have contacted the authorities immediately. The agency will just pass her on to another family if she’s not charged with her crime.

  • Zalman

    The Father should have called the Police. (The Nanny probably wasn’t trying to kill the baby. The Nanny was just trying to stop the baby from crying.)

    But the Nanny could have easily killed the baby accidentally. If the nanny kept the pillow over the babies face to long.