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Couple Creates Kosher-Certified Cannabis Edibles

Meet Alex and Shifra Klein of Los Angeles, California, who produce kosher-certified cannabis edibles for medicinal use in the Orthodox-Jewish community.

From the Jerusalem Post:

It has been nearly two years since Shifra and Alex Klein first began exploring medical cannabis to treat two of their children.

When they realized how much the drug had changed their lives for the better, they felt the need to share their knowledge and expertise with the wider community.

So a few months ago they opened Mitzva Herbal in Los Angeles, which offers marijuana edibles including brownies, cookies and candies to those with a valid prescription. All of their products are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, making them only the second-ever medical marijuana producers in the OU’s ranks.

But unlike the first company, Vireo Health NY, which sells pills, vapors and oils, Mitzva Herbal offers appealing, low-dosage treats. It is also based in California, where, on January 1, 2018, recreational marijuana will become legal in the state.

But both the Kleins and the OU say their focus is entirely on medical usage of the plant.

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    • 4. Miracles do happen... wrote:

      What’s disgusting about medical marijuana? Your comment is juvenile. And what does making kosher certified medicinal marijuana edibles have to do with pig? Educate yourself before you make idiotic comments.

    • 6. Miracles do happen... wrote:

      As a child of a parent who passed away of cancer, I can appreciate how beneficial this would have been for my mother when she was going through chemo. The fact that they’re making medicinal marijuana into edible treats for people with a prescription is amazing.

  • 7. Kosher Marijuana Amazing !! wrote:

    B”H B”H I’m so happy about this, now I could get high with Kosher Marijuana, hey 2 all the Frum ppl out there, this is your chance 2 get High with Marijuana certified under the OU, now from L.A. we got to get it legalized in Bklyn, then all Frum ppl will be able 2 get high, there are ways to do it. Ty CH info for this amazing great news !! Thank G-d

  • 9. Hisachdus & CHK wrote:

    Hey maybe for real חרידישע ppl like in Wb (Williamsburg) KY (Kiryas Yoel) Monsey, Skvere & Lkwd they might want to get a very חרידישע Hechsher like Hisachdus HaRabbanim (CRC), Skver Dayanim from Skver, KCL (Kashrus Council Lkwd) & CHK this way ppl in these communities would have their own Hashgacha bec the OU is too modern for them as we see on the Kedem wine, it has an OU but also the Tzeilemer Ruv from Wb gives his Hashgacha & that’s why the חרידישע velt uses it, so the same thing over here, the Klein’s might want to talk to Hisachdus, Skver & other חרידישע Hechshayrim so other Frum ppl could use the product as well.

    • 10. Milhouse wrote:

      You have it backwards. Kedem started with the Tzelemer Rov and only later got the OU as well in order to appeal to a wider olam that doesn’t accept the Tzelemer.

      The reason they started with him was because at the time he was more lenient than the OU in a very important way — he was the only posek who allowed making kiddush on grape juice. They needed to print that heter on the label or nobody would buy it, so they took him as their machshir.

  • 11. cholentmitkugel wrote:

    Where is it available to purchase here in Los Angeles???

  • 12. Reb Viner wrote:

    For you naysayers, pot is no more a drug than wine, and often leads to terrible calamity.

  • 13. in NY wrote:

    i live in ny and this would help my medical condition. how do i get it? I am serious

  • 15. To : Moishe pipek (comment #1) wrote:

    Obviously you can’t appreciate it bec u might not have the issues that the Klein’s children have, I don’t know if u ever smoked weed or not, but if u haven’t u don’t know what your missing, besides how insensitive can u be, do u understand that she has a child with Autism & severe ADHD (that’s if u read the continuing article from the Jerusalem post) so don’t always think about yourself there are less fortunate ppl out there that this could really help, besides if u never smoked weed u don’t know what your missing, you say “Disgusting” right away, obviously you’ve never gotten high before & u don’t know the feeling, & it’s so amazing bec comment #2 which is the 1 right after u, his or her title is “thank you” & the comment says “so amazing” so it’s so interesting how u could have 2 opposite opinion comments right after each other, I want 2 wish the Klein’s lots & lots of Hatzlacha with this both financially & health wise with their children

    • 16. I can tell wrote:

      From the way your comment is written I can tell you definitely try it quite often.

  • 17. mother wrote:

    it’s been proven that it can help with controlling seizures and calm autistic children!

    • 18. to mother wrote:

      Not so simple. Please do not make blanket statements. It has not been “proven” at all. There are studies that show some epilepsies improving with marijuana derivatives and some that actually worsen. The same goes for autism spectrum disorders.

  • 19. confused wrote:

    I am very confused didn’t R’Moishe state that this kind of thing is assure min hatorah?

    • 20. Anonymous wrote:

      In the letter he was asked about smoking marijuana to get more spiritual..

  • 22. Medical marijuana - become educated! wrote:

    To all the ignorant people who think they can pass judgment without knowing what this is all about – do some basic research and you’ll learn how medical marijuana dispensed under a Doctor’s care and with a special prescription can help alleviate chronic pain and other symptoms. This can make a huge difference in these patients’ daily functioning and quality of life. In fact, patients who use it do not get high – they just feel better!

  • 23. rdz wrote:

    i do not claim to be the ultimate authority on the matter, but i have spoken with two very highly respected neurologists (in my opinion) about medical marijuana for seizures. My son has seizures. One told me a little while ago, that there was no scientific evidence to the best of his knowledge that marijuana helps control seizures. He said there was not enough research yet. He felt that it was liberal media trying to push the legalization of it. The other neurologist also felt there was not enough research yet on the matter. He would felt that it should be used as a last resort. Before anyone suggests that it is harmless (relatively) or useful for medical purposes, i suggest they speak with a doctor about it.

    • 24. FactsAreRelitive wrote:

      Not enough research has been done simply because the pharmaceutical companies haven’t yet found a way to monetize on medicinal marijuana. I’ve personally done work for Pfizer pharmaceuticals and they literally spend tens of millions to research a drug simply because if one out of 10 makes it to market they make billions. Many doctors are simply unwilling to accept anything other then what they learned in medical school 30 years ago, but there is evidence based on actual patient experiences that absolutely confirms the medical cannabis can help with seizures. Obviously it’s not “harmless”, 90% of the pills in your cabinet right now aren’t either.. However you (as well your doctor) believe the pros outweigh the cons so it’s worth it. I highly advise you to do your own research..

  • 25. The kangeroo wrote:

    Ii is bull first it was medical marijuana now recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado and and in other states.All the hippies that smoked grass turned to other drugs that is why we have the opiate crisis today.This is like the gay rights first they wanted just protection to live their choice now you have a debate what toilet you should use and legal marriege.That is not Torah way.Get high on yidishkeit.If you need drugs to feel good you are in trouble.

  • 27. Chulil Hahsem vLubavitch wrote:

    Another problem in lubavitch we deal with now drug abuse. Congratulations on further disgracing lubavitch and all the hard Work The Rebbe to just blow away for a little be of weed. Absolutely the biggest disgrace and unfortunately many more to come from confused individuals like this.

    • 28. FactsAreRelitive wrote:

      The only chilu hashem here is your ignorance. They’re helping people with medical issues for god sake! Do you think the Rebbe would be opposed to that? It has been proven to work as medicine when used in the right way, who are you to decide it’s not valid?!!

  • 29. Medical wrote:

    Recreational and medical differ: THC vs CBD. The active components were manipulated to get different effects over the years, so now the plant has a bad rep from the way it was made by some. Hashem still made the plant amazing for normal use when used the way it was originally. Medical use is growing and CBD is legal in all states now.

  • 30. Thank you wrote:

    I have suffered from insomnia my entire life. Edibles don’t make me high. They just shut of my over active brain. I have no problem getting up in the morning. Better than a life on ambien. Doctors don’t care and don’t help. Glad I live in CA where marijuana can be used responsibly to help with medical issues.

  • 32. Moishe pipek wrote:

    If it is so great why do most states ban it.And it is against federal law.None of them are as smart as a few Lubavitcher pot heads who comment for it.

    • 33. Milhouse wrote:

      You want to know why it was ever made illegal in the first place? I’ll tell you in one simple word: racism. That’s right, the only reason marijuana was banned was because it was used by Mexicans and negroes, or as one publication of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics put it, “the degenerate races”.

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, and no reason not to use it in a state where it’s legal. As for the federal ban, it’s patently unconstitutional no matter what the Supreme Court says, and doesn’t deserve any respect. Since the FBI is not about to arrest you for it, you should feel free to ignore it.

  • 35. Go Kosher Weed / Pot wrote:

    Kol HaKavod !! Kol HaKavod !! Ashrecha !! Ashrecha !! To the Klein family from Los Angeles on coming up with & actually making it happen to help those who unfortunately are not well, what a Great thing this is, you will truly help the world BE”H (if this could make it around the county USA & the world, if it will be accepted) this is True Ahavas Yisroel, & bringing Moshiach closer, caring & showing love for other Yidden who are suffering & need this help, your doing an amazing job, keep up the Great work & ignore the Nasty, Rude, Insulting, low, Trashy comments on this site, of course to be fare to everyone u gotta as long as it’s not to offensive print everyone’s comments bec everyone has the right to comment & we gotta give everyone a chance, but please please don’t pay any attention to them, keep on going Veiter what your doing & in the Zchus of this Great Amazing thing, may this bring the Ultimate Revelation of Melech HaMoshiach Now & go 2 Yerushalayim

  • 36. To : Milhouse (#10) wrote:

    Quote from u “Kedem started with the Tzelemer Rov and only later got the OU as well in order to appeal to a wider olam that doesn’t accept the Tzelemer”. Who doesn’t accept the Tzeilemer Ruv, he is one of the most Frumest Hashgachos out there, how could u say this that there are ppl who don’t accept him, he is more Frum & Yiras Shamayaim then most ppl today, so u wana say that the OU is Frumer than the Tzeilemer Ruv from Williamsburg ? Are u serious ? Yes the OU has a lot of frum ppl but the way it seems from your comment, your making the OU look Frumer than the Tzeilemer Ruv, I don’t know know about that. Ty

    • 37. Milhouse wrote:

      Yes, the OU is a much better and more respected hechsher than the Tzelemer, or most “haimishe” hechsherim. If you want to sell your product outside Williamsburg and Boro Park you have to get a real hechsher. Why else do you think Kedem ended up adding the OU?

  • 38. To : #3 wrote:

    You got major issues & made a very Moronic comment, Weed is a plant from Hashem it is as kosher as it gets, bec it is a natural plant from HKB”H (HaKadosh Baruch Hu) & for you to make a comment “next stop kosher pig” that is so so rude & very low, obviously you don’t get that all plants are kosher if they are edible, it more kosher than all the Hashgachos out there, Bec like I said before it’s directly from HKB”H & for u to make such a comment, what’s next kosher pig ? How so rude you are pig is a totally unkosher animal & your comparing a pig to a kosher plant from G-d ? Where is your brains ? Yes I understand bec of what marijuana became you made that comment, but to compare it to pigs, where is your שכל ? Get real Dude !!

    • 39. Milhouse wrote:

      The very first treife food ever was a plant! And in EY all fruit and vegetables need a hechsher.

  • 40. Moishe pipek wrote:

    If you want to smoke pot go knock youself out but do not call it mitzva etc.

    • 41. Milhouse wrote:

      Smoking weed can be a mitzvah in exactly the same way that eating meat or drinking wine can be — if it’s done lesheim shomayim, so one will have the health and energy and yishuv hada’as to serve Hashem. Smoking it to satisfy ones own taiavos is no different from eating meat or drinking wine for the same purpose, as explained in Tanya and other sifrei mussar.

  • 42. Ok fine wrote:

    Okay I understand smoking pot will help the situation when is in but this is a medical thing this has nothing to do with the wild wild you’ve days of the sixties and seventies that we had gone through okay that’s it

  • 43. Moishe pipek wrote:

    Disgustin! Disgusting! Disgysting! Tomei Tomei Tomei Ikroh.You are just rationalizing something you want to do.There is plenty of pot in crown heights i am sure you can smell if you pass certain areas.pot is a plant it does not need a rabbi to make kosher.There plenty of medicine available for you problems.Go go you bag of weed and do not corrupt the innocent.

  • 44. Moishe pipek wrote:

    There is big bucks behind the California marijuana a lot of Isaelis are pushing it.I would not be surprised if this person is a innocent victim of this drive or a willing participant in this charade.

  • 46. Houston Yingerman wrote:

    To all the nay sayers, you know where u could go, you obviously don’t & can’t appreciate what these ppl are doing for ppl who have special Mental health issues, you probably don’t even understand the issues of Mental health bec maybe you don’t have someone in your family (brother, sister, cousin, aunt, uncle) who has these issues, I think it’s very inappropriate to bash things we don’t truly understand what great benefits these things can do for ppl who need them, so think twice before you speak

  • 47. Seattle is the place wrote:

    If the OU is giving their Hashgacha on it, they probably realize the great things that this will bring to people who really need it, so if you take a minute to think, hey if the OU is giving their Hashgacha on it, obviously they see the necessity & the dire need for it, think about that, truly it’s only a plant & if it’s used for positive & useful things, then hey why not, I think everyone should say Ashrecha !! Ashrecha !! to these ppl they are doing great things !! Keep up the Great work !!!

  • 48. ירושלים עיה"ק wrote:

    Today Sun כ”ט תמוז is the יארצייט / יום הילולא of Rashi HaKodesh, in the Zchus of this Great ראשון, I would like to give a Bracha to the Klein’s for with the help of the Almighty they were able to do this & bring great ישועות ורפואות to ppl who really need it. & to everyone in כלל ישראל on this Great, Awesome, Amazing, Special day, the Yartzeit of Rashi I would like to bentch everyone that they should have in his Great Zchus, Hashem shower upon everyone, unlimited הצלחה both materially, financially & spiritually, everyone whatever they need they should have & more, abundance of unlimited blessings & may we have the True גאולה now with the coming of מלך המשיח, & we will all go 2 ירושלים, so we shouldn’t have to experience תשעה באב this year, we should have the גאולה Now & go straight to ירושלים עיה”ק with מה”מ !! Enough of this Galus !!! Enough of this Galus !! Everyone should have lots & lots & lots & lots of Success in everything they do & want !! יהפכו ימים אלו לששון ולשמחה ולמועדים טובים

  • 49. sad BT wrote:

    Oy vey. I feel for the Kleins (may their children have a refuah mamash now) but, please give me a break. As a BT who was “there” in the 60s, I guarantee you….every person who uses hard drugs and is an addict started with pot…99.9%. Pot is a gateway drug. I know so many people who became psychologically addicted to pot and their lives are ruined. It makes you lazy, paranoid, fat, and disfunctional. Get real…emes…recreational users are losers…sorry, it’s true. B”H, now we can smell their stench and keep our distance. This is NOT about the very small users that have “C”, cv”s, or are very seriously ill. That is the ONLY legit use. I now really question the OU hechscher. What a light onto the nations we have become….not.

  • 50. Milhouse wrote:

    I guarantee you….every person who uses hard drugs and is an addict started with milk…100.0%. Therefore, according to your “reasoning”, milk must be a gateway drug too.

    I know so many people who became psychologically addicted to chocolate, or books, or the internet, or even jogging, and their lives are ruined. It makes you lazy, paranoid, fat, and dysfunctional. Well, not fat, in the case of jogging.

  • 51. sad BT wrote:

    Chocolate, books, and internet to not cause you to slaughter people on the highway from being high out of your mind….which is what happened to 3 of my relatives…murdered by a pothead, not a drunk.

    • 52. Milhouse wrote:

      I don’t believe you. I think you are making it up. There is no clear evidence that cannabis use contributes to traffic accidents.

  • 53. Yossel wrote:

    Pot is a “gateway drug” to worse addictions, proven by medical science.

    I am of the opinion that if we are going to legalize the stuff, it should be by PRESCRIPTION ONLY by an M.D.

    This country is going to “pot,” pun intended.

    • 54. Milhouse wrote:

      Pot is a “gateway drug” to worse addictions, proven by medical science.

      No, it hasn’t been. Whoever told you it was is a liar.


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