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Pesach Getaway for 700 Cancelled at Last Minute

from the New York Post:

Organizers of a Passover getaway for 700 New Yorkers say they feel passed over after a California hotel allegedly canceled their stay despite a $1 million deposit.

Joseph Allaham, of kosher steakhouse Prime Grill, has organized Passover trips under his Prime Experience brand since 2014.

This year, his lawyer Mark J. Heller claims, Allaham booked a 10-day event at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines in San Diego back in November, but “the Hilton organization refuses to honor their commitment to host this event or to return the proceeds they received as an advance.”

He says one family paid $230,000 to bring all their kin on the April trip meant to include guest speakers, rabbis, a kids’ camp and entertainers.

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  • 1. Stayin' home wrote:

    So nobody is saying WHY the hotel reneged? And why won’t they return the deposits?

    As for the big spender ($230,000 is an obscene amount to pay for Pesach, even if it is for a big crowd) who in their right mind pays this kind of sum upfront?

    Something in this story is not KLP.

  • 2. something fishy wrote:

    this is the fifth large hotel to cancel a Passover program this season. what is going on here? doesn’t anyone do Pesach at home anymore?
    btw who would throw out 230K for 10 day stay in a hotel?

  • 3. How? wrote:

    How can you trust a hotel with kashrus on Pesach if you can’t trust them all together? V’dai l’mayvin.

    • 4. Milhouse wrote:

      Who’s trusting the hotel? You’re trusting the caterer and the rav hamachshir, not the hotel, which has no connection to the program at all.

  • 6. Pity wrote:

    All Pesach programs will suffer next year. Who would trust. After 40 years of making Pesach, we went away a few times. We realised that the 10k we spent would cover 3 nice vacations after Pesach. Too much food. Home this year BH

  • 7. The kangeroo wrote:

    The hotel did not like the matze they had it not Manishevitch.


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