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Flyers Accuse Jews of Being the Privileged 1%

Dozens of anti-Semitic fliers were found in several buildings on the University of Illinois at Chicago campus earlier this week. The fliers accused Jews of controlling a disproportionate amount of the wealth in the United States, stating “Ending white privilege starts with ending Jewish privilege.”

The fliers were found in the Richard J. Daley Library and in the campus student centers, according to Eva Zeltser, a communications student and president of Rohr Chabad, a Jewish student organization at UIC.

Rabbi Bentzy Shemtov, Director of Chabad at UIC, said a meeting with university officials, campus police representatives and Jewish students was held Wednesday to address concerns.

“Although people are shaken, I feel that the students are grateful for the quick response from the university to investigate and get to the bottom of this,” Shemtov said.

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  • 1. Dave G. wrote:

    Great, I’m waiting anxiously for my Jew gold… maybe I’ll afford full tuition then.

  • 2. Size matter wrote:

    Good to see that the “Goyim” are pictured SMALL. Jews are great, and they will dominate. Not by breaking the law, but by taking advantage of situations. Those who are jealous should move on.

    • 3. Hasi wrote:

      Now now…… what you say is true, but we don’t have to tell the goyim. Let them believe what they want while we quietly go about our business. Let’s not be like the stupid Muslims who shout about world domination.

  • 4. wow wrote:

    top 1% net worth in USA is from 8.4 million and up
    i would be happy with this

  • 5. Andrea Schonberger wrote:

    The idiots who made that flyer left out the part about the kosher food racket: Jews take their grocery receipts to their Rabbi who sends it off to a secret clearing house and we receive a check for the full amount of our groceries. FREE FOOD!!!

    • 6. Really? wrote:

      Never heard of that. Myself and all my Neighbors work hard and pay for our food, cloths, tuition and more. Lots of us struggle but our true wealth is our families. The joy they bring is everlasting

  • 7. Levi wrote:

    those numbers are too complicated for me… all I see is this:

    When a teacher finally achieves results at the pyramid top, and then some young new school admin “manager” comes along decides to interfere with the curriculum by making a brilliant change by pulling the ‘mentch’ from the bottom, it topples everything. A teacher cannot work like this.

  • 8. Very Privileged wrote:

    We Jews are very privileged, but not in the sense the flier speaks of.

  • 9. Milhouse wrote:

    This whole stupid idea that there’s something wrong with “privilege”, and those who have it should “check” it and feel guilty about it, is pure evil. Yes, I’m privileged, and I’m proud of it, and I will not apologize to anyone for it. My privilege is mine, it is my inheritance from my ancestors, and therefore it is right and just that I have it. את אשר יורישך כמוש אלהיך אותו תירש, ואת כל אשר הוריש ה’ א’ מפנינו אותו נירש.

  • 10. Really wrote:

    I question the logic of this…
    Read it “is the 1% straight, white, men or Jews”
    That means the writer thinks one of six things
    Anyone in the 1%
    Must be straight
    Or white
    Or men
    Jews are NOT
    Or white
    Or men
    So I guess there are a lot of extremely wealthy
    Gay black female Jews?
    And as bashing that concept goes against political correctness- what is the writer saying exactly???!!!

  • 11. shimon wrote:

    The fact of the matter is that the only reason Jews are on the top is because Jews earned it with their contribution to mankind, and theres no reason for Jews to apologize, yes we are on the top! We worked hard, we helped America’s economy, theres no reason why we shouldn’t be on the top.


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