Again: Bomb Threats to Jewish Centers in 11 States

from The Yeshiva World News:

Once again, multiple Jewish centers and schools were evacuated on Monday morning after receiving bomb threats.

As of 11:10am, Jewish centers in the following states have been evacuated:

* Alabama (Levite Jewish Community Center)
* Delaware (Garden of Eden Road)
* Florida (David Posnack, Siegel, Ashville)
* Indianapolis
* Maryland (Rockville)
* Michigan (Ann Arbor)
* New York (Tarrytown, Staten Island)
* North Carolina
* Pennsylvania
* Rhode Island
* Virginia (Fairfax – Gesher Jewish Day School)

More than 69 threats have been reported since January 1st.

The FBI and the Civil Rights Division for the Justice Department have launched investigations into the bomb threats.


    • 2. not ours wrote:

      Our JCC has 2 chabad schools on campus. We’ve already had 2 bomb threats. Don’t make light of the situation.

    • 3. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

      Not sure how anything about this is ironic.

      There is only one reason that these threats are being made against the JCCs all over the country. The reason is the desire to terrorize the Jewish community.

      The people making these threats don’t make distinctions between observant Jews and Reform Jews. They don’t care if someone is frum or not. They don’t even care if all the people at the JCC are Jewish. They just want to hurt anyone connected with us and to hurt anyone remotely Jewish.

  • 6. Anonymous wrote:

    I hope that all those that were advocating for DT for president, because it will be good for the Jews, are seeing how “correct” they were and are proud of their decision.

    • 7. Richard Roe wrote:

      If you think that the same left-wing anti-Semites wouldn’t have done the same or worse if Hillary had been elected, then you are sadly deluded.

    • 8. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

      To #7:


      You’re going to dismiss this by blaming “left-wing anti-Semites”???

      I’ll say it again…the people doing these things are not left-wing or right-wing. They are the neo-nazi wing and they want to do us harm.

      If we focus on our own internal politics or on the current battle between left and right in our country right now we’re just giving them the opening that these neo-nazi and white supremacy groups want.

      Don’t get distracted by what’s going on in Washington. These acts are being done now because the people doing them see an opening.

      I, for one, say that we need to close that opening. That starts with us recognizing the problem.

    • 9. Richard Roe wrote:

      Then your beef is not with me, but with the commenter to whom I was responding, who thinks that all of this has something to do with who is currently president.

  • 10. The Frierdiker Rebbe said: wrote:

    Jews of America! You are doing a great deal for our brothers abroad, and may the Almighty accordingly grant you and your families success in all your endeavors. You must know, however, that the calamities that Jews are undergoing overseas are not accidental. They are the result of an edict from heaven, a punishment for faults in which you too have a share – desecrating Shabbos, eating treifah food, marital impurity, and so forth. The charity that you give is not yet the whole story. One also needs repentance and prayer [58], for all three together quash severe verdicts,

    Sons and daughters of Israel in America! All categories of people, from the typical worker or householder to the multimillionaire and Ivri-Jew, are looking with eyes agape and can see what has come of our brothers and sisters overseas. All categories of people there have been crushed.

    Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded that this has happened only to those Jews. Do not be deluded into thinking that we Jews can be helped only by mortals and politics. The “wise and understanding people” [59] must not allow itself to be influenced by such foolishness. We Jews will be helped by repentance, Torah and mitzvos.


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