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Rockland County GOP Spews Anti-Semitic Drivel

In a shocking post on their official Facebook page that is reminiscent of a medieval blood libel, the Rockland County Republican Party unleashed a tirade of venomous and outrageous lies against the Hasidic community, alleging that Hasidic women are held captive, abused and denied basic human rights by their male counterparts.

The Rockland County Republican Party is lead by Chairman Lawrence Garvey, who was elected to the post in 2014.

The following is the full text of the post, which can be viewed and commented on here:

I’m all in favor of other’s right to speak their mind and peacefully demonstrate their views. Conversely, I understand that my right to swing my arms in protest ends when my fist hits someone else’s nose and my right to free speech ends when I falsely yell “fire” in a crowded theater. What I can’t stomach is hypocrisy!

The Rockland County Democratic Committee has been posting all weekend in support of the marches in all of the liberal cities of our country. Yet, right here in Rockland County, right in their own backyard, is the most egregious example of women’s oppression in our entire country. The ultra orthodox Hasidic community’s abusive treatment of women is epic. In that community, women must separate themselves from men, must dress as they are told, are forced into arranged marriages, can not divorce without the approval of their husbands and community leaders, they are not properly educated, can’t attend college, and can not use birth control, yet, the Rockland County Democratic Committee says nothing: absolute silence. Why? Because the people in that community vote in a block and the leaders of the Rockland Democratic Party want their votes. Please!!!!! Total hypocrisy!!!!



Lawrence Garvey, Chairman of the Rockland County GOP
Lawrence Garvey, Chairman of the Rockland County GOP


  • 1. Anonymous wrote:

    Got news for him. In that community, men must also separate themselves from women, must dress as they are told, can not divorce without the approval of their wives, they are not properly educated, can’t attend college, and can not use birth control. Nobody is forced into any kind of marriage, though, and no “community leaders” have to approve a divorce. Oh and a good deal of what he wrote is true of Catholics too.

  • 2. lubavitcher wrote:

    Not a libel. It’s his opinion that the rights that Frum woman are deprived of is oppresive to them. We aren’t free. We have the “yoke” of G-d’s will upon us. If you wish you can say he doesn’t appreciate the value of our religion but he certainly wasn’t libelous. Just saying.

  • 3. Already said wrote:

    Like what was already said, The Jews are “one nation, dispersed among the nations..and their laws are different from those of any other nations, and the laws of the King (like if the idolatrous king would touch their wine) they do not keep.” He could talk like Haman, but we will have a geulah like Purim!

  • 4. Anonymous wrote:

    When is he going for sensitivity training? And, of course, the view expressed doesn’t represent his true feelings.

  • 6. To #2 wrote:

    Ummmm… Yeah, I have got news for YOU!!!!! It WAS libelous in a sense because he is distorting the truth- don’t forget that we have choice in all this and he makes it sound that we are forced into marriages and stuff…… THAT IS ONE BIG LIE!!!!!!! We can leave if we want to and do whatever we wanted if we so desired but we understand the values of not being in mixed crowds, which is in essence protecting relationships, and he doesn’t understand that, thus distorting facts!!!!!!!!!!!! That certainly sounds like modern day libels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8. he's right wrote:

    (in a way) Neturei Karta are in Rockland county. (woman in burkes etc) an outsider does not differentiate between sects of the Jewish community.

    The importance of being mindfull of Chilul Hashem

  • 9. And Islam Gets a Free Pass? wrote:

    By veltliche standards, Islam is far “worse” than Orthodox Judaism, but no one is calling Halal “inhumane,” nor are these epithets from Garvey being thrown at Islamics!

    Someone should find out if Garvey is Jewish. He very well could be!

    A friend of mine from college grew up secular-Jewish in Rockland County, and when frum people began moving in to her neighborhood, people–Jews!–referred to this situation as the neighborhood “going black”.

    There is a lot of hostility there.

  • 10. Mushka says, we have problems too wrote:

    we don’t allow woman to vote in community elections for rabonim ( which should have terms and not lifelong appointment ) and community council.

    lets the oppression here!!

  • 11. Larry u a fool. wrote:

    Garvey Shmarvey you’re a bigot and a fool. I am a republican and there is no way you will be re-elected. You should be impeached on the spot if that piece of garbage article was written or sanctioned by you.
    Your hatred for the the Jews is overwhelming you. You would never say that about “blacks’ or “muslims” would you?

  • 12. Dovid wrote:

    Though it’s a blanket statement which is unjust and unfair, we’re rightfully offended because WE were put into a category that doesn’t apply to US, but does this not happen with our chassidic counterparts? Putting aside the absolutely thoughtless all inclusive method of the moran who wrote the post, are we dismissing an actual issue simply because WE aren’t guilty of it? Because WE are angry that we got falsely accused of it? Yes it’s an offensive and slanderous message for US, but is that making us forget that such a thing does indeed exist?


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