Left: Michael Emanuel, OBM. Right: Moshe Yehuda Vine, OBM. Photo: Yeshiva World News.

Dual Tragedies in Williamsburg and S. Diego

Two tragedies struck the Orthodox Jewish community today when two men died after they were run over by motor vehicles, one in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and the other in S. Diego, California.

From Yeshiva World News:

Tragedy struck the Williamsburg community on Thursday, when 21-year-old Moshe Yehuda Viner was R”L killed in an accident on Kent Avenue on Thursday morning.

His jacket reportedly got caught in the truck he had just finished unloading at a construction site – and was R”L dragged down the street.

Hatzolah and FDNY-EMS responded to the scene at Kent Avenue and South 10 Street at 11:18AM, and found the victim with serious injuries.

He was transported to the hospital by FDNY-EMS and Williamsburg Hatzolah Paramedics.

Unfortunately, he turned extremely critical after arriving at the hospital, and was Niftar around 1:30PM.

The NYPD Collision Investigation Squad was on the scene conducting an investigation.

The Niftar was a Talmid of Satmar UTA in Boro Park, and in Satmar Kiryas Yoel Mesivta. He got married just last year.

The Levaya will be held tonight (Thursday) at 8:00PM at the Satmar Bais HaMedrash on Hooper Street in Williamsburg, followed by a Levaya and Kevura at the Satmar cemetery in Kiryas Yoel.

Also from Yeshiva World News:

We regret to inform you of the tragic Petira of Mr. Michael Emanuel Z”L, who was critically injured in an accident in San Diego on Monday.

As YWN had reported, Michael was seriously injured after he tried to put a stop to an unoccupied runaway SUV in front of a Rolando- area home.

According to San Diego Police, the parked 2008 Mazda began rolling backward down a driveway in the 6100 block of Arosa Street as Michael was standing alongside it on Monday morning.

The SUV R”L ran him over, then struck three other vehicles before crashing to a halt, Sgt. Tom Sullivan said.

He was rushed to Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest where he was listed in serious condition. Tragically, he was Niftar on Wednesday night.

He leaves behind his wife, Mrs. Ingrid Emanuel and two young children Jonah and Carmen.

The Emanuel family is part of the Beth Jacob Community in San Diego, California.

The Levaya and Shiva will take place in Australia.

fund has been set up for his family.


  • Anonymous

    BDE very sad we need Moshiach NOW
    Note for editer: It’s know that we don’t bundle together tragedys.

  • Rabbi Lipa Brennan

    Moshe Yehuda Viner (Weiner) is the son of our dear friends Mr & Mrs Hershy Weiner of Boro Park.
    The Weiner’s are supporters of many Chabad Houses around the world, particularly in China, where they travel nearly every month on business.
    For some years now Hershey & his father have been regular guests at the Kinus Hashluchim Banquet including last Sunday.
    This is a tragedy that only the Aibishter can be Menachem & in the zechus of his kesher to the Rebbe & his shluchim the family should find the strength to continue their lives & their מעשים טובים
    המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים
    Lipa & Malkie Brennan
    Brooklyn NY
    Mendel & Chaya Goldberg
    Playa del Carmen Mexico

    • Debbie

      Umien!!!! Moishe was a great son,husband and grandson brother to his siblings he will be missed by his family and Freinds he was extremely beloved by everyone. Always had a huge Smile on his face hashem should give his parents and family koach to go on!!!

  • To #5

    Thank u for letting me know, the article just said “Australia” how would we know if it’s Melbourne or Sydney w /o (without ) u, Thank u so much !! Next time I think we need to be more specific city, its like saying CA, but where ? Is it Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, thank u

  • to #6

    did u actually go that u made big deal?
    also what was the point in writing w/o and without u could of just written one! wtvr

  • Les

    I knew Michael and worked with him for years in Australia. He was a good guy – why is it that the good ones always have to depart early ? Very sad…