Jewish Comic Con Held in Crown Heights

The first ever Jewish comic convention was held in Crown Heights on Sunday, at Congregation Kol Israel.

Around 20 comic artists and graphic novelists were on hand at the synagogue to show off and sign their work, including legendary New Yorker cartoonist Mort Greenberg.

The money raised from Jewish Comic Con will go to restoring the nearly 100-year-old synagogue.

Click here to view a report on the event by News 12 Reporter Shaina Estulin.


  • 1. Milhouse wrote:

    Ah, so now Kol Israel is in Crown Heights, is it? So what’s the objection to it extending its eruv there?

  • 2. Milhouse, Chill wrote:

    Breathe in through your nose, exhale through your mouth.
    Close your eyes.

    • 3. Milhouse wrote:

      I’m completely chill. And I’ve got a completley valid question. Why don’t you answer it? If CKI is now a CH shul, then what right does anyone have to tell it where to put its eruv?

    • 4. Ezra wrote:

      Then the Beis Din of Crown Heights have that right, and a local shul rav – or any other outside expert he brings in – does not.

    • 5. Milhouse wrote:

      What beis din? There are two entities that claim authority over the whole community, but since neither one is accepted by the whole community both claims fail. CKI has never accepted the authority of either of them, and why should it? The accepted halocho bechol tefutzos yisroel is that each shul is its own community and its own beis din, and not subject to any other beis din.


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