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Donald Trump Accused of Anti-Semitic Tweet

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday tweeted an image of rival Hillary Clinton alongside hundred-dollar bills and a Star of David bearing the words “most corrupt candidate ever!”, prompting outrage and bafflement on social media.

Trump’s account on Saturday tweeted the so-called “meme” — then deleted it and replaced it substituting a circle for the star symbol that resembles the Jewish Star of David. The change came after a social media uproar about the star tweet’s potentially anti-Semitic implications.

In a tweet on Monday, Trump said he had not meant the six-pointed star to refer to the Star of David. Rather, he said, the star could have referred to a sheriff’s badge, which is shaped similarly except for small circles at the ends of each of its six points, or a “plain star.”

Trump, who is running for president as a Republican, has repeatedly said that he would remain a staunch defender of Israel and last week shot down a question from a town hall attendee who questioned the U.S.’s defense of the Jewish state. His daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism and is raising her children Jewish.


  • 1. okkkaaaayyyy?!?!!? wrote:

    what is the problem? You can see its not the star of David

  • 2. Pedant wrote:

    It doesn’t even matter anymore.

    He’s an Manchurian candidate in effect if not in intent.

    He’s isn’t collecting any money and he isn’t spending any money and therefore he isn’t running really running for office. He’s served to hand the election to what will be the least popular presidential candidate in history, in a year where the incumbent party would normally be shoved out the door.

    This election is a farce.

  • 3. Chani wrote:

    Not every six point star is Jewish. It’s a stretch to call this Anti-Semetic.

    • 4. Chaim wrote:

      How about just the ones that are pictured above piles of cash and originate from neo-nazi websites?

  • 5. Ch Res wrote:

    It is sad that Hillary has to make an anti Semitic remark in the name of politics .. This symbol is used for so many things .. Just goes to show the true colors of Hillary ..


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