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New York Times Slanders Shomrim

The New York Times has published a scathing article blasting Brooklyn’s Shomrim patrols, painting them as a menace to the non-Jewish residents of the city and questioning whether thy have a disproportionate amount of influence with the NYPD.

The article is filled with inaccuracies, false accusations and fear-mongering. The point of the article seems to be to convince non-Jewish residents of the city that Shomrim are some sort of Jewish “religious police” who have actual power and threaten everyone else’s liberties.

Anyone who has ever been the recipient of a Shomrim volunteer’s service or act of kindness knows that nothing could be further from the truth.

Conspicuously missing from the article is any discussion about why Shomrim was created to begin with, or what they do day in and day out: battle the incessant crime that has been plaguing Brooklyn’s Jewish communities since the 1960s, in ways the police cannot, would not and will not do.

Instead, the Times chose to join the growing chorus of Chasidic Jew-bashing – painting Chasidic Jews as responsible for everything wrong with New York City – that has become the staple of tabloids such as the New York Post and The Gothamist.

Click here to read the article at The New York Times.


  • 1. Bochur wrote:

    Great org that’s available 24/7 rain or shine with good response time. Keep it up.

  • 2. Larry R wrote:

    There’s already a whole book on the subject – what did this article come to add?!


    Jews should learn how to protect themselves. And our Shomrim guards are trying to do it as best as possible .

  • 5. Fan wrote:

    When my kid was missing they were there in minutes and found him shortly thereafter Bh

  • 6. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    So what else is new??????
    Left wing liberalism and political correctness does not want anyone to have an ability to defend themselves or an organization to speak for them–unless it is theirs–and aid in its protection such as neightborhood watches
    Just remember not too long ago the TIMES blasted the arrangements for seperate swimming for women
    And, best of all, this has been a consistent theme since the paper was founded by liberal left wing politically correct Jews since the time of the great anti-Semitic FDR

  • 7. Jax wrote:

    They ran another article today about kosher sushi they made us look like cabemen

  • 8. WAKE UP, YIDDEN! wrote:

    I don’t understand why any Jew feels safe in USA. Anti semitism is de rigeur these days, and you blind people don’t see history repeating itself.

    • 9. Pedant wrote:

      We are awake. We feel safe because we have one G-d and two worlds.

      That is all.

  • 10. CHLEAKS wrote:

    Government and it’s media want to take all forms of power away from it’s citizens.

    This article is an example of that.

    The main thing is that Shomrim (the average citizens) should continue doing good things, continue helping those in need and disregard the noise in the distracting background.

    G-d bless you all!!!

  • 11. "Mordy" wrote:

    They find ways to prove their anti-semitism since WWII when they reported on Jewish massacres in their back pages, out of the main public’s eye.

  • 12. Sue wrote:

    They should sue for defamation and lies. They should then have The New York Post retract their article.

    Good Luck.


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