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Nazi Auschwitz Guard Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

A 94-year-old former Auschwitz guard was convicted on Friday of being an accessory to the murder of 170,000 people, according to the judge presiding over what could be one of Germany’s last Holocaust trials.

From USA Today:

The verdict in the case against Reinhold Hanning was announced by the judge presiding over what is likely Germany’s last Holocaust trials, Reuters reported. Hanning, who could have faced a 15-year sentence, will remain free pending any appeals.

Hanning admitted to the state court in Detmold during the four-month trial that he volunteered for the SS at age 18 and served in Auschwitz from January 1942 to June 1944. He said he was not involved in the killings in the camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

Hanning worked at the camp during the so-called Hungary Operation, in which 425,000 Hungarian Jews were deported to to Auschwitz over three months in 1944. The majority of them were gassed upon arrival.

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  • 3. Moshe Eliyahu wrote:

    He should be getting more than 5, he has Jewish blood on his hands & is a murderer, 5 is cheap let him b sentenced 2 100 yrs which for sure he won’t live 2. Shame on the German court, very cheap shot, but anyway this low life, dispicable, garbage, trash, will probably die in prison. Let him rot in Hell.

    • 4. Milhouse wrote:

      How does he have blood on his hands? What right do you have to call him a murderer? Do you have any reason to believe he participated in even one murder? Should everyone who worked there be jailed for 100 years?! The janitors, the mailroom boys, the person who changed the light bulbs in the offices?! What did they do?

  • 5. 43800 hours wrote:

    he will serve 43800 hours’. divided by the number of yiden murdered that looks like about 16 minutes per murder.

    • 6. Milhouse wrote:

      What if you divide it by all the murders that have happened in the world, since creation, which have no more to do with him than the ones that happened at Auschwitz?

      Or what if you divided it just by the murders he personally was responsible for, which is zero?

    • 7. @ Milhouse wrote:

      He volunteered for the SS! He worked in the death camp. he assisted murderers, so at the very VERY least, he was an accessory to murder. He is a Nazi and should rot in jail, and then rot in Hell.

  • 9. Milhouse wrote:

    What about the yidden who worked there? Should they be punished too?!

  • 11. Yitzchak Mordechai wrote:

    If it would be legal, they should just shoot him dead on the spot, the same way that the Nazis Y”S murdered Yidden in Auschwitz, or better maybe let him die in a Gas chamber, we should make it specially 4 all those Nazis that are still alive, & gass them 2 death. We should have done this at least 42 years ago, when they were still young, now they are all in their mid 2 late 90z. It’s just interesting that within the last 10 years u heard about catching Nazis, u didn’t hear about this back in the mid 70z. Let them rot in Hell, all of them, may they all be wiped out from the face of the earth, low scum bag, trash what they are.

  • 12. Chani wrote:

    Should be at least 5 years per murdered person.
    It’s almost like courts think well it’s an old man so let’s not be too harsh.
    Utterly despicable!

  • 13. Shame wrote:

    He will die why he is there, that’s why he only got 5 years! :(

  • 14. To comment #4 wrote:

    Anyone who is working @ a death camp & knows what’s going on, yes has to do with those yidden that were murdered, how could u say he doesn’t have blood on his hands, the fact that he participates in something like this means yes, he should have said no I’m not gona have anything 2 do with killing ppl, but bec he worked there means yes he had 2 do with murder, so I really don’t understand how u could come off that he’s innocent, u got issues u need 2 work out. Thank u

    • 15. Milhouse wrote:

      Where did you get this idea that anyone who works in a place is responsible for what happens there? Why are they responsible? What did they do wrong? Are you willing to take responsibility for everything that happens at your work place?! If your boss is in the mafia, are you willing to go to prison for every crime he commits?! What about the yidden who worked there, are they responsible too? Seriously, you are just a bloodthirsty sadistic person, and you don’t care whether a person is guilty or innocent, you just want to see him suffer. You are in no positoin to talk about other people’s issues.

  • 16. AGAIN TO #4 (Milhouse) wrote:

    Your stupidity overwhelms anyone’s integrity, the fact that you believe that this person has done nothing wrong , proves your lack of knowledge on the Holocaust and any genocidal matter that has happened on planet Earth. I suggest you read, or learn on any subject before you embarrass yourself with your ignorance. 1. The reason this murderer of many, deserves more than 50 years, for the fact that he has killed and aided in the murder of over 140,000 people.2. The other Jews that worked in the camps were forced to against their will, and were later killed, the fact that you think that they worked willingly, yet again proves your lack of intelligence and ruthlessness to any human emotion.3. That fact that your small and fragile mind thinks that he is not responsible for the death of over 140,000, proves that you need mental therapy to understand that if one aides in a murder, it is as if they are doing it themselves. Yet again PLEASE TRY TO GET HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WITHOUT DELAY.
    SOCIETY who cares for the human race to continue.

  • 17. to #12 wrote:

    i totaly agree he shouldnt even got o prisen he should be killed in a sever and harsh way
    he wont admit that he kille djews since he knows he will or could be killed for that so he is just trying to get away with it

  • 18. why only 5 wrote:

    why give him only 5 cuz? hes old. so what u think the evil nazis yemach shemoh cared what age a yid was to kill him


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