Vice: Broad Support for Trump Among Hasidim

Donald Trump enjoys widespread support within the Hasidic community in the US, according to experts interviewed by Vice News.

From Arutz Sheva:

Jacob Kornbluh, a New York-based reporter for Jewish Insider, told the news outlet that there is “no question support for Trump is widespread” among Hasidim, and that the majority of Hasidic voters he’s spoken to have said they plan on supporting Trump.

Unlike the majority of US Jews, who are exceedingly liberal, nearly two-thirds of haredi Jews say they are politically conservative, while 57 percent of Orthodox US Jews identify with or lean towards the Republican party, according to a Pew survey of Jewish Americans.

There have not been any polls of Hasidic voters ahead of the primary election, reported VICE, but the fact that Trump has done well thus far among evangelical Christians in the primary states is a fairly good indicator of how Hasidim will vote. Since 2000, haredim in New York have voted in national elections in extremely similar patterns to how evangelical Christians voted, Sam Abrams, a political scientist at Stanford University who studies the politics of American Jewish voters, told the news site.

“Among my circle of friends, at least 90 percent [support] Trump,” it quoted Yanky Lichtman, who lives in Lakewood, New Jersey, as saying. “I like the way how he says it. He tells you straight what he thinks and that’s a big plus.”

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    • Haim

      You think it’s sad but Hasidim are in general very happy people they doing the right think you are a sad person

  • Citizen Berel

    Media will make you stupid.

    Supporting Trump at this point is as much about opposing the democratic party as it is a statement with respect to the preferred republican ticket. You simply have to know the phrasing of the questions.

    The limud from the evangelicals to the Chasidim (lehavdil) is possibly facile. Are we comparing primary voting data going back or are we learning from presidential voting patterns, because the latter says nothing at all about the former, and the former has hardly been worth paying much attention to, so I have to doubt that there is a substantial body of data for comparison.

    Conveniently, this all fits into a narrative, namely, a certain class of people voting for a certain class of politician.

    This what happens when the majority of literate society has absolutely no interest in learning anything at all. It’s all a narrative with some pretense of sentience.

  • How disappointing..

    How could anyone with any self-respect support Trump? You better believe that, after he deports the Muslims and the Mexicans, the Jews are next under his regime.

    Pathetic. This is why we need more secular education in Crown Heights and other Chasidic communities.

  • Chabad

    Anybody using his Chabad “Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge”, which represent the intellect, could not support Trump. However, if you are voting with emotions or voting for ‘a person’ (like a idol), over an ideology, then it makes sense to be a Trumpet.

  • Milhouse

    Cruz is a mentch. Trump is the ultimate nisht-mentch. How can any self-respecting person, let alone a chossid, support him?

  • DeClasse' Intellectual

    But # 1, how soon you forgot that Obama is the most anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish and ant-Israel president that we have seen in who knows how long; Obama rivals FDR in their negativity against Yiden–so no wonder the Jewish populace is pro-Trump and disdains the Democrats.

  • Andrea Schonberger

    I heard all of the GOP candidates speeches at AIPAC on the television news this afternoon. I have to admit that Trump got quite a lot of applause which I was not expecting as I heard rumors that a huge protest/walk out was planned during his speech–didn’t happen.

  • Chabad for Bernie

    We are here. We are Yiddish speaking gezhe, some of us shluchim.

    • Milhouse

      Nachmanson and Lulov were also Yiddish speaking gezhe. You are not the Rebbe’s shluchim.

    • Mosh

      Some of us: you are nobody you’re a one person troll, probably not frum (or getting paid) using the radical lefts typical tactics ‘us’ as if ur a big group, well nice try were all familiar with ur tactics you troll go back to occupy Wall Street, loser.

  • Chabad for Bernie

    Milhouse, I wasted my time arguing with you about this before. Google chinfo milhouse socialism.

    • Milhouse

      You can take your socialism straight to Gehinnom. You are a Yevsek just like Nachmanson and Lulov.

  • Chabad for Bernie

    I noticed your silence on many threads when you ‘re proven wrong.
    Better silence than ad hominem attacks.

  • Chabad for Bernie

    Amazing to contrast you, Milhouse, with our dear Rebbe.

    In a letter to Der Forverts, printed in Igros, the Rebbe states that socialism and torah do not contradict each other; that there were many G-d-fearing Jewish socialists, and most importantly, the Rebbe asserts plainly, “that anybody who thinks socialsim and the Torah contradict each other, does so out of ignorance”.

    • Milhouse

      Already addressed the last time you trotted this out. This was a letter to a socialist daily, to an audience of convinced fanatical socialists, urging them not to abandon yiddishkeit because of that; not chas vesholom telling faithful yidden that socialism is OK! He wrote that he knew socialists who didn’t abandon yiddishkeit; that socialism doesn’t demand that one reject the Torah.

      the Rebbe asserts plainly, “that anybody who thinks socialsim and the Torah contradict each other, does so out of ignorance”.

      No, he does not. Those are your words, not the Rebbe’s. The Rebbe says that the perception among socialists that there’s a conflict between the Torah and their principles, so that their principles demand that they reject the Torah, is based on ignorance. He doesn’t say anything about the perception by Torah Jews that there’s a conflict between our principles and socialism, so that our principles demand that we reject socialism — because that is not based on ignorance.

  • Chabad for Bernie

    The Rebbe changes his views according to who he is addressing. According to Milhouse.

  • Chabad for Bernie

    You are lying in the name of the Rebbe. The Yiddish hat the Rebbe used could not be more clear. Unless you just don’t know Yiddish?

  • Chabad for Bernie

    Rabbi Shochat from England openly supported Obama.
    Concerning Israel. Well, this presents a problem for me. I am to the right of Bibi when it comes to Israel.

    But this: Trump is for the two state solution as were all Republican presidents.

    Obama was terrible for Israel, though the standard treaties remained sacrosanct, unlike Bush Sr, who withheld money.

    The Rebbe said (published in “kurusi v’ein oineh”), that it is not anti-Semitic for governments to pursue peace in Israel, that they are just pursuing their national interests.

    So, since Trump and Bernie both called for the two state solution, that leaves me to ponder issues facing me, as a citizen of the USA.

  • Chava

    So when Trump takes away religious tax shelters I guess it will be a sad day for Chabad.
    Trump will do away with Federally funded programs such as low income housing and food stamps.
    Oh and by the way, Obamacare is not just for the poor…Obamacare enacted laws to prevent health insurance companies from turning away people with pre-existing conditions, dropping them when they get sick, or charging them more than anyone else. Health insurance needs to be for ALL to even out the playing field. So when your children, spouse, sibling, or parent gets sick, and you can’t get health insurance, then what? The Trump “final solution” is to let them die.

  • Pirkei Avot Chapter 2 section 10

    The importance of ethics and education are what makes it special to be Jewish!

    How can a religious Jew vote for a leader with a heart filled with racism, discrimination, bigotry, sexism, extreme narcissism, and a clear lack of humility before G-D and then expect that good things will come from these traits?

    “10. [Rabbi Yochanan] said to them: Go and see which is the best trait for a person to acquire. Said Rabbi Eliezer: A good eye. Said Rabbi Joshua: A good friend. Said Rabbi Yossei: A good neighbor. Said Rabbi Shimon: To see what is born [out of ones actions]. Said Rabbi Elazar: A good heart. Said He to them: I prefer the words of Elazar the son of Arach to yours, for his words include all of yours.

    He said to them: Go and see which is the worst trait, the one that a person should most distance himself from. Said Rabbi Eliezer: An evil eye. Said Rabbi Joshua: An evil friend. Said Rabbi Yossei: An evil neighbor. Said Rabbi Shimon: To borrow and not to repay; for one who borrows from man is as one who borrows from the Almighty, as is stated, “The wicked man borrows and does not repay; but the righteous one is benevolent and gives” (Psalms 37:21). Said Rabbi Elazar: An evil heart. Said He to them: I prefer the word of Elazar the son of Arach to yours, for his words include all of yours.

    They would each say three things:

    Rabbi Eliezer would say: The honor of your fellow should be as precious to you as your own, and do not be easy to anger. Repent one day before your death.** Warm yourself by the fire of the sages, but be beware lest you be burned by its embers; for their bite is the bite of a fox, their sting is the sting of a scorpion, their hiss is the hiss a serpent, and all their words are like fiery coals.”