Israeli Company Invents Lifesaving Bandage

A new bandage invented by Israelis aims to save lives by stopping otherwise unmanageable bleedings in the field and in hospitals.

Stab and gunshot wounds that cause profuse bleeding, if not treated quickly, can bring about a rapid death.

Professional help is not always close at hand, which is why an Israeli company called Core Scientific Solutions has invented WoundClot, an innovative new bandage they say will save lives.

Dr. Shani Eliyahu Gross, part of the development team, says the bandage not only stops otherwise unmanageable bleeding within minutes, it does it without the need to apply pressure ­­usually critical after certain wounds to areas like the neck or head.

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  • 1. Naftali wrote:

    Of course BDS and all others, individuals as well as countries, that are boycotting Israeli products, will certainly not be allowed this or any other life saving product Israel invents!!!


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