Manchester Yeshiva Students Attacked, 1 Critically Injured

An anti-Semitic attack perpetrated by three hoodlums in North Manchester at the Bowker Vale Metrolink station has left one 17-year-old unconscious with a brain bleed and three other young men between the ages of 18 and 20, badly beaten.

From The Yeshiva World News:

The young man is 17 years old and is now in a hospital bed. He was beaten unconscious by three anti-Semites who attacked him and three others in an unprovoked incident.

Police in Manchester, England are looking for witnesses. The attack occurred on Saturday night at the Bowker Vale Metrolink tram station at approximately 11:30 PM. The attackers hurled anti-Semitic curses before the attack.

The victims were pounced upon by a gang of three men, according to police, who proceeded to hurl anti-Semitic verbal abuse at them before launching a sudden, unprovoked attack.

The three other victims are aged 18, 18, and 20.

The demographics of Manchester have changed dramatically, with the Islamic population of the city nearly doubling in the past 12 years. It is now approximately ten percent Muslim.

Please say tehillim for Moshe ben Sharon.


  • 1. Krav maga wrote:

    time to teach the bochurim some PE and something like krav maga.
    its healthy to be able to move and it can help in all of europe


    IT does not say in the article that the attackers are muslim!?
    English anti semitism is more often by white English people NOT BY MUSLIMS. Also its nice to know the stats on the muslim rate and all

    Please clarify

  • 6. very upset wrote:

    3 versus 4 ? The bochurim should have a quick refuah shleima. And make sure they have protection. Or learn krav maga for SAFETY purposes.

  • 7. Friend wrote:

    The Rebbe said: If Israel gives away land that Hashem helped them win in a miraculous way during the June 1967 SIX day war this will put the lives of Jews all over the world in danger

  • 10. 723 wrote:

    the least they can do in that horrible situation with the percentage of sick muslims yemach shemam, is to have surveillance cameras everywhere, as should we. but we all have to appreciate each other and stop loshon hora too.

  • 11. shliach wrote:

    From a shliach at yeshivas lubavitch manchester: parents of bochurim at the yeshivah should know that it wasn’t bochurim from the chabad yeshivah, and that the chabad yeshivah is extremely safe (has security posted at the door during all operational hours).

  • 12. mendel wrote:

    I don’t understand, why fight the evil? Win it over! Daven for moshiach and it’ll all be good, no need for golus, its elul do teshuva!!!!


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