Fried: “Lucky I was with my Family”

Earlier this afternoon a rumor began spreading on social media and various messaging apps and groups that Chassidic music star Avraham Fried was critically injured in an accident and that people should say Tehillim for his recovery.

Turns out that the source of the errant rumor began in a whatsapp group in Israel where one participant mistakenly identified Miron resident Avraham [ben Zissel] Fried – no relation to the singer – as the singing sensation everyone knows. Immediately the rumor went ‘viral’ and was shared by hundreds upon hundreds of people with requests to say tehillim.

Israeli news site Bechadrei Chareidim reached the music star at his home in Crown Heights and confirmed that he is in fact in good health. “One good thing that came out of this was that I received many calls with wishes for good health and arichus yomim” Fried said, adding “that everyone should in fact say Tehillim for Avraham ben Zissel and he should have a Refuah Shlaima.

“I heard of the terrible accident that occurred in Baltimore, due to the icy road conditions [where Rabbi Dovid Winiarz OBM was killed in a tragic crash]. Whoever spread the rumor [that I was hurt] with such certainty and without checking if it is true or not, must apologize to all those he cause fear and panic.

“I even had someone call me to say that he was his way to Kotel to pray for my recovery. I am lucky that I was home with my family, and that they immediately knew that I was ok and were not thrown into a panic.”

The whatsapp group where the rumor began.



  • 48 yr in the hood,

    to my dear class mate may you live a long & healthy life ad mayo veh ‘esriem

  • Long life

    May all the prayers help the one who needs the refua shlayman, and avremel should have arichus yomim!

    as i heard you say “yarich yomim al mamlachto”

  • A gutte zach

    There is a mesorah that a person who hears rumors of his own petirah or illness will have Arichus Yomim! May it be so!

  • Rabbi Dovid Winiarz BDE

    Rabbi Dovid Winiarz OBM has relatives (sister?) who is Lubavitch. He came many times to Crown Heights.

  • Rabbi Dovid Winiarz OBM

    Passed away in Harford County, near Harford Chabad.

    The people injured in that accident according to Rabbi Kushi Schustermans facebook post can use tehhilim as well.
    “The fatality this morning was a Jew on his way to a conference. I visited the injured at upper Chesapeake. Say a psalm for
    Dovid ben riva gittel and sara rina ruchama bas chasia

    Psalms can be found at

  • say tehillim for the real injured

    Well perhaps it was not a coincidence and everyone should be saying tehillim for the real injured avruhum fried. I really feel bad for the potential for panic but I actually feel worse for the actual family of the A fried that was injured. No apologies needed, tehillim is needed!!!

  • to #1

    The correct phrase is:

    מען דארף הייסן פינטו צומאכן דעם גאנצן אינטרנעט!

  • moishe

    It happens to be that a Avraham Fried from Miron Israel just passed away!
    Avraham fried the singer Shlita is Really Avreml Friedman!