Today: Yahrtzeit of Leiby Kletzky, OBM

Today, the 11th of Tzmmuz, marks the Yahrtzeit of Leiby Kletzky, an 8-year-old boy who was brutally murdered by Levi Aron in Borough Park three years ago.

When Leiby first went missing, after having begged his parents to let him walk home alone from camp for the first time, a massive search was conducted by cops and hundreds of volunteers from the local Jewish community.

The search ended with the gruesome discovery of Leiby’s dismembered body, parts of which were left in a dumpster not far from where he was killed.

Levi Aron, a local hardware store clerk, pleaded guilty to the kidnapping, killing and dismembering of the little boy, and was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison.

Eight days after the Discovery of Leiby’s body, a baby boy born to Shmuly and Shira Rudsky, a Lubavitch couple in Florida, was named Ezriel Leib in slain boy’s memory.

One Comment

  • Leiby Kletzky still inspires me

    I have his picture under my metrocard. Everytime I take out the card, I see his picture and remember the achdus as we all davenned and searched for him untill the horrible truth was disclosed.
    I try to keep that feeling alive, and look out for people who might be a little lost, and help them find their way.