The Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel, Rabbi Aharon Teitelbaum.

Satmar Rebbe Blames Parents for Israeli Teens’ Death

Just one day after the burial of the three murdered teenage boys, the parents of three boys became the subject of criticism from an unexpected source: the Satmar Rebbe.

The Satmar Rebbe’s words came tonight with no prior warning at the yeshiva in Kiryas Joel, with Rabbi Aron Teitelbaum blaming the parents of the slain teens for their deaths, saying that the boys died because they lived in the Israeli settlements, places that are inhabited by “predatory animals.”

The speech is aired on the Satmar news line Kol Satmar.

Speaking in Yiddish, the Rebbe began his words expressing his deep sorrow over the tragedy.

“I want to speak about an incident that happened in Eretz Yisroel where three Jewish lives were taken in an extremely brutal manner, Hashem yeracheim.  When something tragic happens in our holy land, every heart bleeds and Hakadosh Baruch Hu feels the pain of his nation and Jews everywhere feel tremendous sorrow over what happened here.”

The Satmar Rebbe went on to describe the widespread sense of mourning that has blanketed the Jewish community worldwide and said that he has no doubt that this tremendous sorrow will bring even strangers to come and be menachem aveil.

“But with all the pain and devastation that is part of this terrible incident, we have to examine the circumstances from a wider perspective and with wisdom with eyes that are open to true daas Torah.

During the funerals, the parents eulogized their sons, but I think it would have been preferable if they had done teshuva, if they had said viduy with tears, in the nusach that is used on Yom Kippur, to repent for their decision to live and learn Torah in a place of barbaric murderers.

Who gave them a heter to live in a place like that, where they were living among known murderers?  Is there no place in Israel to live and to learn other than in a place of tremendous danger?

Who gave them permission for themselves and for their children to live and to learn Torah in the midst of the lion’s den?  To put their lives at risk, and the lives of their families at risk?  It is all because of the yetzer hara and the desire for Jews to inhabit the entire State of Israel.  It is Zionism for the mehadrin min hamehadrin.”

Placing the blame for the deaths of the three teens squarely on the shoulders of their parents the Rebbe continued, “it is incumbent upon us to say that these parents are guilty.  They caused the deaths of their sons and they must do teshuva for their actions.”

Discussing the death today of a Palestinian teen, the Satmar Rebbe observed that the revenge had already begun.

“There is a suspicion that this murder was an act of vengeance and who knows if Jews all over the world are not in danger now from the Arabs. I hope that this youth was killed by another Arab but it is wise to be afraid. It is already 2,000 years that we are in exile and during that time millions of Jews have been killed.  Jews have always been the ones who were killed, not the ones doing the killing.”

The Satmar Rebbe said that the truth must always be said, even when it is difficult.

“My holy uncle (Reb Yoel) taught us to love the truth and to despise falsehood.

In the generation prior to Moshiach, truth will be a scarcity and he taught us to fight with all our might against lies and to say the truth even when times are difficult, even if it will bring great troubles, even if we are face to face with arrows and catapults and if people will say that we are the enemies of Israel.

But it is not we who are the enemies.  It is the Zionists, who place the lives of the Jewish people at risk for the sake of Zionism.  The enemies are those who take revenge and who awaken the ire of the murderers who will surely take revenge and the cycle of vengeance will continue.

This is what Dovid Hamelech meant in Tehillim when he said ‘I hate falsehood and am disgusted by it.’”
Urging the Chareidi world to stand strong and to distance itself from the settlements, Zionism and revenge, the Satmar Rebbe concluded his remarks with a prayer.

“Hakadosh Baruch Hu should watch over the entire Jewish nation wherever they may be, in Israel and all over the world from all sorrow and all sadness and he should break the yoke of the gentiles, the wicked and the evil Jewish Zionists.”



    cant believe the satmar rebbe would say something like this? its unfortunate, where is basic respect and feelings for the parents of the three….thats more important then satmars twisted ideology.

  • why you posing this

    there’s a time and place for everything. Secondly i highly doubt that his uncle as fiery he was against the ‘medine” would ever say such a thing….

  • Milhouse

    He seems not to realise that Gush Etzion is safer than Williamsburg, and certainly safer than W’burg was a mere 25 years ago, let alone 40 years ago, when his holy uncle and all of Satmar lived there. If these parents had no heter to send their children to school in Kfar Etzion, then what heter did Satmar have to live in W’burg? (One of the boys went to school in Chevron, which is not as safe as Kfar Etzion, but it’s still safer than W’burg was in the ’70s, maybe even safer than W’burg today.)

    As for where the parents live, one could hardly find safer places in EY. Nof Ayalon, El’Ad, and Talmon are probably safer than Kiryas Yoel.

    • K

      This is what I admire about Satmar – they have a shitah and stick to it without wavering to the political correctness winds. They do not sugar coat or water down their shitos for nobody.

      It is about time other communities learn from them!

      Does Chabad openly state what it believes about the Medina? No! They pretend to be the greatest Zionist on the planet when we know
      that the Rebbe despised Hatikvah or the Hakomas Hamedina.

      The same applies to their opinions on Conservative / Reform Judaism – it is about time that Chabad state openly what it believes about them, rather than pretending to be “open” and “inclusive” to apikorsim.

      Satmar has the guts to state exactly what it believes, that takes kahunas which Chabad does not have.

      That is why I trust Satmar kashrus, wine, matzos etc. – they will not waiver from their beliefs.

    • Milhouse

      Here comes K crawling out from under his rock again.

      What shitah? When shitah? He doesn’t say anything about a shitah, just that they shouldn’t live in a dangerous area. And the fact is that he has no idea what he’s talking about, because where they live is safer than where he does. If he really thinks there’s no heter to live in a dangerous place then what heter did R Yoilish have to live in Willy? He’s not bravely following a shita, he’s just making a fool of himself.

      Chabad doesn’t hide what it thinks, but there’s a time and place for everything. As the Rebbe said, when you go to a gevir to raise money, do you tell him that he’s a mechalel shabbos and chayav misa? Do the Kotlers tell gevirim such a thing? For that matter, do Satmar fundaraisers? Of course not.

      As for Satmar kashrus, it’s all money and organized crime. For enough money they’ll give a hechsher to anything, and just warn their own family not to eat it. And it’s well known that “inter veigens” they permit everything.

    • YMSP

      K, this time you’re right (as to the general point). Although in this particular “speech” of his was a shtus noiroh (it seems you’d agree to that too).

      It’s not Chabad that denies these things. It’s the corporate central office/marketing, which is hopefully not where actual Lubavitchers get their shitos from. I don’t blame the corporate image people either, there’s a time and place for everything. Their cozying up to the worst of the Modern-Orthodox (Reform and Conservative are well meaning tinokos shenishbo-ou and no one mistakes them for Torah Judaism, MO is a far more dangerous story and is mehares shitos of Torah even in the frum world). Michael Broyde was thrown out of his own RCA and Shlomo Riskin has made a new Torah. The Rebbe ordered nothing to do with Shlomo Goren. Any association with the likes of those two will backfire and actually endangers the work of Chabad, or of anyone who spreads Judaism but associates with such people, today. The Rebbe would make a mecho’oh and put a stop to it.

    • YMSP

      As to the Satmar Rov’s current distasteful remarks – al tiftach peh l…

      But altz inyan you’re right. You’re just incorrect if you think that most Lubavitchers adopt the corporate image as their shitos. Even the marketers don’t adopt false positions, but the open associations with the MO are troubling.

    • Milhouse

      No, he’s not correct. Lubavitch remains anti-zionist, but anyone who claims that living in Eretz Yisroel is more dangerous than living in Brooklyn is just not paying attention.

    • Agent Emes

      Milhouse always seems to find a clever way to make himself appear correct even when he’s proven to be wrong. Notice how he tries to divert the dialogue away from his previous idiotic assertion that Chevron is safer than Williamsburg by making an ambiguous comparison that gives the illusion of covering the original charge he leveled.

    • YMSP

      Actually AE, Milhouse’s point about Williamsburg makes sense – and Chevron is part of his point, not a backtrack..

    • Agent Emes

      @YMSP – Chevron is NOT safer than Williamsburg. Milhouse later included all of Eretz Yisroel and Brooklyn to make his earlier statement appear correct, since at that point in the discussion most people wouldn’t want to go back and debate it. But I did. And he is still an intellectual coward for having done that.

    • Milhouse

      Yes, Agent Sheker, the Jewish section of Chevron is much safer than Willy was 25-40 years ago, and it’s probably still safer than Willy today. People don’t even lock their doors. And the other places, where two of the boys went to school and where all three of them lived, are much much safer than anywhere in Brooklyn, or even Yerushalayim.

    • K

      YMSP blames “the corporate central office/marketing” and distinguishes them from the “real” Lubavitch.

      I guess “the corporate central office/marketing” would also include the Rebbe himself because:

      (a) he led the organization (and that is where the buck stops);

      (b) he approved of its directors and was not shy or timid from voicing his opinions when he disagreed with them,

      (c) was complicit in meeting and bestowing honor to figureheads of the Medina and leadership of the aprikorsim (Conservative-Reform) who visited in that capacity.

      Distancing the “real” Chabad from “the corporate central office/marketing” is distancing Chabad from the Rebbe himself.

    • K

      Milhouse wrote “when you go to a gevir to raise money, do you tell him that he’s a mechalel shabbos and chayav misa?”

      ot in those words, because it is too Litvish to tell the gvir he will burn in Gehenim, but you DO use chassidic words like his actions are from the Sitra Achra, and Gimel Klipos Hatmeos…THAT “sounds” better than physical missa?!

    • K

      Milhouse asks: “when you go to a gevir to raise money, do you tell him that he’s a mechalel shabbos and chayav misa? Do the Kotlers tell gevirim such a thing?”

      When Reb Ahron zt”l was collecting money for the yeshiva and a wealthy gvir offered a huge donation, he refused it because the gvir was mechalel shabbos and the money was possibly earned from chilul shabbos.

      How many Chabad leaders would turn down such money?

      Remember that the Rebbe’s “Million Dollar Club” accepted anyone as long as they had the money.

    • K

      Milhouse sly distortion: “the Jewish section of Chevron is much safer than Willy was 25-40 years ago”

      Compare Willy of 40 years ago to the “Jewish Section” of Chevrom of 40 years ago! Was Chevron THEN “much safer”?

    • YMSP


      The words “mah leyitush krueih kenafayim vlanesher bashomayim” would come to mind, except I don’t want to insult mosquitos.

      (I understand that you’re unfamiliar with this expression because it doesn’t come from Ponovitz, but these are the words of the Baba Sali to someone who was far more learned than you, but who spoke against just one of the Rebbe’s projects.)

      K, sorry that you don’t understand the need for hafotzo. Sorry that you don’t understand that the Rebbe tried to mekarev everyone, and stopped a lot of anti-religious measures as a result. Sorry that BMG would take issue with Moshe Rabbeinu for asking to speak with Dosan VaAviram, and not just for him being mevatel their studies.

      Everyone was freihing out before the Frierdiker Rebbe and the Rebbe came to America. The yeshivos were dwindling and all the chayus and everything else was going toward freihkite until they reignited the passion for spreading Torah. Ehrlicher gelerente mentchen were not able to instill frumkeit in their kids. Even truly great Litvisher rabbonim like R’ Shraga Feivel Mendlowitz (true, the best Litvishers are Chasidim..) were of only so much effect.

      I’m fairly confident in saying that your Kollel, BMG, would be hard pressed for a minyan if not for the passion that the Rebbe infused in yiddishkeit.

      Btw, just wondering, if a Reform rabbi were to wonder into your illustrious Kollel (sarcasm implied) and asked to speak with Avi Avos himself and maybe learn from him. Would Malkiel Kotler throw him out the door?

      The Rebbe said “mibesarcha al tisalem” and that by the Frierdiker Rebbe (and himself by extension) every Jew is “besarcha.”

      This in no way exempts those in charge of marketing for doing what the Rebbe would clearly have put a stop to (such as not promoting modern orthodox as dayanim), but the Rebbe also recognized that someone who does 95% good should be allowed to do the good that they do. Some of these directors were not appointed by the Rebbe.

      The Rebbe said that he hoped that Rabbi Jacobowitz O”H would not refer to the pope by his title. The Rebbe was very clear on what was right and what was wrong. No one doubted that and that much was clear. But the Rebbe saw the good and usefulness of everyone and worked to bring that out. No one at the time mistook the Rebbe as being supportive of tziyoni nonsense or the like – and as much is clear from the Rebbe’s own letters to those who were not yet Lubavitch.

      But like Moshe Rabbeinu, like the Malbim, like many other true leaders of Klal Yisroel, the Rebbe kept hope and left the door open for everyone – with amazing results to show for it.

    • YMSP


      Do they not teach the halochos involved in being mochiah someone at BMG – namely, that if they won’t listen who can’t be moichiach them – val tehi mzidin.

      Also, please explain how a tinok shenishbo has a din of a mumar ch”v?

      Wonder if someone who’s mechalel shabbos but wants to save a life of an old BMG attendee, zoln zei zein gezunt, would be allowed to. Or would he be told “sorry doctor, you’re not a boki bShas.”

      They can put on teffilin. They can give tzedokoh. Mitzvah goreres mitzvoh, even though the good Sages of our Mishnah weren’t zocheh to learn at BMG.

    • YMSP


      You’re playing with fire. Shem zich.

      The Rebbe is responsible for keeping yiddishkeit strong. Before the Frierdiker Rebbe and the Rebbe came, there was little to hold back assimilation and many frum families were R”L losing their kids to secularism. The Rebbe brought spirit back to yiddishkeit worldwide.

      The Rebbe recognized that someone who could do an effective job and who would do the right thing 90% of the time should be hired, rather than some naysayer who posts the most ridiculous inanities on these boards. And most of the marketing people were not appointed directly by the Rebbe.

      Tell me something K, does your “kollel” teach the halochos involved in being mochiach someone? Do you not know the din that if they will not listen then it’s better not to make them mezidin?

      Do you not know the dinim of tinokos shenishbau? What kind of blatant sinah lets you equate them with mumrim (a category that you fall into if you takeh believe what you claim to below – in the post that’s now around #90 – although I’ll be melamed zechus and hope that you’re just not with it)?

      K, If some old man collapsed ch”v while visiting BMG, would your leaders allow a doctor who was not Shomer Shabbos treat him or would they say “you’re not Shomer Shabbos, we don’t want your help?”

      K, since our Sages in the Mishna said, “mitzvoh goreres mitzvoh,” what gives you the right to stop a Jew (and one that has the din of a tinok shenishbo nonetheless) from doing a mitzvoh? Gradeh, these Tannoim never learned at Beis Medrash Govoha, but they are still considered to be authoritative sources by most Jews.

      K, the Rebbe held each Jew to be an important part of Klal Yisroel. Torah says so as well and you will not find a mumar lhachis easily today (your immediate surroundings may be a different story). The Rebbe held that mibesarcho al tisalem applied to every Jew. It was never implied or understood by anyone as a means of condoning their other actions.

      K, the Baba Sali once told someone who criticized one of the Rebbe’s mivtzoim “mah lyitush im kenafayim kruim vlaNesher bashamayim.” He said this of someone far more learned than you. K, afilu yitush kodmoch.

    • YMSP

      Btw K, while your posts against the Rebbe were extremely offensive and totally off base, i’m mevakash mechila from you for any bituim charifim, although it seems (logic would dictate) that you’re a YU type poking fun at both Lubavitch and BMG. The double post was also not meant (for some reason it took over a day for the original comments to show) and no personal ill will is ch”v intended. Hope you find something better to do.

  • They live in another reality

    Lubavitch should publicly distance themselves from this rebbe

    • K

      Lubavitch “loves” the Medina as much as Satmar. The product is the same, only difference is the packaging.

      The only reason to “publicly distance” is to keep the money coming in from the apikorsim who heavily support the mosdos.

      Satmar supports itself and its mosdos so it does not need to play the PR game.

  • disgustng


  • Chabad Rebbes said

    To Dovid:

    Research what the Rebbes of Chabad had to say about Zionism. Is that also a “twisted ideology?”

    If, what the Rebbe said was true (about the “lion’s den”), then what’s wrong with giving parents mussar – let’s say in a case (in lieu of a window guard example), where a car accident death could have been prevented had they not driven over a known unstable bridge or other such structure? But, you relied on some kind of miracle – “The bridge has a bracha; it’s near a Shul; won’t happen to us.”

    As far as Williamsburgh safer, or for that matter, C. Heights. Yes, the Rebbe should be consistent, and say the same thing when things like this, CH”V, happen here or there.

    • Absolute Nonsesnse

      It makes no difference if they’re at fault or not. It is completely insensitive to tell broken parents how it is their fault that their son died. I can assure you that they care about their son more than the Satmar Rebbe.

      Secondly, don’t use a stupid example. They didn’t go live in the middle of Gaza. They lived in a place that isn’t any less safe than most places in Israel. It could have happened to anyone.

      With regard to the commenter who praised Satmar for being open about their beliefs:

      The Rebbe himself met with several Israeli politicians and didn’t show any hatred to them or their beliefs. On the contrary, the Rebbe assisted them in their Zionist politics and showed them great respect and love. Was the Rebbe pretending to be a Zionist??

      The Rebbe mentioned on different occasions that not every truth must be stated. The Rebbe brought an example of a bochur on Mivtzoim who tells the people he visits that they are chayav skilla for being mechalel Shabbos. Just because it is true doesn’t mean it’s the proper time and place to say it.

      What the Satmar Rebbe said was cruel. If you did something inappropriate and your friends keep it quiet and don’t humiliate you, is that a bad trait? Would a real friend go ahead and bash you in public for your mistake?

      I would never eat a kashrus of cruel people who all they care about is publicizing their agendas without any consideration to other people’s feelings.

      This of course is without getting into whether it is or isn’t their fault because I am sure every Lubavitcher is on the same page. It’s almost like saying a parent who lets his child go and be a soldier is at fault if something happens to him. These people are heros for protecting us all. If not for these people who don’t pick the nice comfortable city life, but rather chose to settle in more dangerous places, there wouldn’t be a safe city life; the Arabs would be already in our cities.

      Vedai Lameivin.

  • shame on him

    He’s right that they should do teshuvah. But at the same time he’s unmasking his true unresolved hatred towards other jews. Every sect of jews has
    their own soul searching to do. But like in marriage
    when no one is perfect we try to focus on the good in your spouse and build on it. What benefit comes out of highlighting negativity , I say non whats so ever, he’s showing a bad example.

  • I can't believe it?!

    why? why does the satmar rebbe have to say this i can’t believe it??! it’s not a good midda to blame he is clearly blaming the parents! and he is supposed to be a rebbe?!!!

  • "SAFE" places

    Years ago, I met a young woman, who agreed with some of the principles espoused by R. Meir Kahane, HY”D. During the Crown Heights pogrom – she was in Israel then – “Hey, look at this, and they have the audacity to say Israel’s not safe?!”

    She was walking with a friend, about to enter an area her friend got worried about. “Is it safe to go here?!” “Well, where are from?” “Crown Heights.” “Don’t even talk to me…”

  • This Satmar Rebbe's connection to Lubavitch

    This Rebbe is a regular visitor to the Chabad house in Palm Springs, CA during the winter.

    • And so??

      So who cares what he does? Only the scum of the earth blame the victims. That’s how Weberman got away with his behavior for years.

    • David

      Yes, and as someone from that community I am repulsed by it. It is unthinkable to hear such garbaged spewed during shiva for three young yeshieva boys or at any time. I am not learned in Germara but I have seen quotes from Baba Metziah where it is mentioned specifically talking like this is forbidden. May the neshamas of these Kedoshim have the highest of aliyot. May the parents find strength to go on. Hashem Yikom Damam! AM YISRAEL CHAI LEOLAM VAED!!

  • Samson

    It shouldn’t be unexpected – everyone knows that that the Satmars are ANTI-Israel. They are even known to support the PLO and other terrorist groups, advocating the MURDER of Jews! should not publicize what they say – unintentionally you are giving aide to the yetzer hara and the Satmars destructive propaganda.

  • eretz yisroel

    is the safest place in the world. during wars the lubavitcher rebbe would tell parents to keep their children learning in e”y. hashem’s shechina rests there. who gave him a heter to talk like that?

    • Milhouse

      At certain times the Rebbe said that it was safe. That doesn’t mean it’s always safe. On the contrary, there have been many times when it was a very dangerous place. Why do you think our ancestors left? Almost none of them were forcibly dragged away; they left on their own because it was so dangerous, and/or because there was no way to make a living. For instance, under Hadrian’s rule life in EY became intolerable for a lot of people, and they left for Bovel. And during the crusades there weren’t a lot of safe places to be a Jew, but EY was the most dangerous.

    • S. P.

      Um no actually the rubber used the pasuk that eretz Yisrael is safe the whole year and most of our ancestors WERE dragged from there so please learn the rebbes shitos and Jewish history b4 pretending to be a learned lubavitcher

    • Milhouse

      SP, maybe you need to learn history. Very few, if any of us, are descended from anyone who was forcibly dragged away from EY. Our ancestors left voluntarily, because it was dangerous, or because they couldn’t make a living.

    • K

      Notice how Milhouse AVOIDS the issue of the famed quote that Eretz Yisroel is a land that “tomid” ein Hashem…but that is Milhouse style to avoid issues.

  • declasse' intellectual

    With all due respect for the person he is and what he represents, who in the heck gave him permission to speak thus. He has become just like those who pointed fingers and stated that those in Europe brought the holocaust upon themselves. The Rebbe completely rejected this chain of thought and finger pointing.
    Reminds me of the horror before the churban in Europe that many of the great Rabbis told their congregations not to go to
    America, even though it was obvious what the Nazis were going to do, because in America they would suffer a spiritual death while in
    Europe it would only be a physical forgetting that over a century before there was nothing of Yiddishkeit in Europe and Russia.

  • Citizen Berel

    Another gedol yisroel. With daas Torah!

    I know! This is the din of Eglah Arufa!

    It’s the din where you find a dead member of a tribe “predatory animals” and ” barbaric murderers” and
    “known murderers” who you can’t even live near. And you wonder who did, so you measure the distance from the nearest Jewish city and ….

    “There is a suspicion that this murder was an act of vengeance and who knows if Jews all over the world are not in danger now from the Arabs. I hope that this youth was killed by another Arab but it is wise to be afraid.”

    I ‘hope’ so too. What’s the chazaka.

  • Slingshot

    What the Satmar Rebbe said is no chidush. The terrorists beat him to it. The news services carried that exact statement quoting the Palestinian terrorists that the Jews are responsible for the murders as they have no business being there. Had they not been there they wouldn’t have been killed. Wonder if the Satmars feel proud that their Rebbe shares the same ideology as our enemies.

  • ‘I hate falsehood and am disgusted by it.’”

    it says before moshiach comes that there will not be any true leaders to look up too.
    This certainly confirms it.

    My guess is that anyone who could back weberman the molester is not balanced in the head and has a hard time differentiating between truth and falsehood shouldn’t be handing out his opinion to the public.
    The leaders of today are not on the level of their forefathers.
    He certainly isn’t on the level of those poor parents nor the teenagers he maligned.
    He should ask mechilah from those parents- he owes to them.

  • A

    K, you have as a twisted mind far more then the Satmars for they have their twisted shitos which they follow blindly (they don’t know any better) and therefore I don’t know how much you can trust their kashrus. If you ask any Chabad Lubavitch chosid who spent even a small amount of time in TT”L yeshivah he will be able to tell you what the Rebbe’s / Lubavitch view is, which you obviously have no idea. I could spend time here writing and explaining what it is that LUBAVITCH does want what it stands for and therefore do what we do but I doubt that you would understand or that CHI would use so much space. What I will tell you is that for anybody from within who knocks CHABAD LUBAVITCH is playing with………. and also must feel real low about himself and just maybe you should go and get help.

    • K

      It is okay for Chabadskers to say “who knocks CHABAD LUBAVITCH is playing with……” but it’s not okay for a Livishe to say “they will burn in gehenim” – is that not a shtickel or a bissel hypocrisy?

    • K

      Milhouse, K is from within – depending on what is the true within!

      I am not a chitzon – from without but a pnimi, as defined in sifrei mussar.

  • Lubavitcher Rebbe

    the rebbe never made it personal. the rebbe spoke the inyan.

  • to number 4

    where are you headed with your drasha??
    it doesnt make any more sense then what the satmar rebbe said.
    think beofre you speak and this applies to the satmar too.
    he was saying this piblicly….if he was going to think this then he should of said it in his dreams

  • Eli slavin says

    I hope next time that Satmar Rebbe decides to go to the local chabad house: the shaliach should tell him “sorry, it’s too dangerous in our neighborhood. Go back to Williamsburg”

  • zalman

    The Rebbe said many times that Eretz Yisrael is “eretz asher tomid einey hashem elokecha boh mereishis hashana vi’ad achris shana, that hashem watches over the entire land of Israel,

    • K

      Did the Rebbe say that or did the Torah say that?! That quote is in my Chumish, and I know the Rebbe did not author my Chumish.

  • Kafui Tovah

    Rav Yoel Teitelbaum, zt”l, was rescued by Zionists. Just as Moshe Rabbeinu was not allowed to curse the Nile, which sheltered him, I don’t think the Satmars should condemn an entire group of followers.

    • K

      The Bnei Yisroel were “sheltered” by the Mitzrim, which is why certain mitzvos apply to our behaviour to them. The same applies to the Tziyonim, but they (the Tziyonim and the Mitzrim) are still rishoyim!

  • Yossel

    That’s Satmar’s opinion, always has been. Niturei Karta is just a more fanatical wing of the Satmar movement.

    The Rebbe never agreed with this opinion. It comes from the shtetls and ghettos of Europe, where to anger the goyim was suicide.

    The Rebbe was fiercely and proudly Jewish, and had no qualms about demanding our rights to live in peace and safety. He never had the “trembling like a leaf” the face of our enemies.

    Pity the Satmar, but you can feel their Rebbe’s trembling and fear of angering the goyim. Again, that’s an 1880, or 1940, shtetl mentality. Satmar hasn’t gotten past that yet…

    • YMSP

      The part about not angering is Halacha, Shulchan Aruch, mentchlichkeit and common sense. It doesn’t seem that you have a good grasp on the Rebbe’s shitos, and are substituting your own. The problem with the Satmar’s comments are al tiftach peh, almost being loeg larash and carelessness.

    • Milhouse

      Neturei Karta is not a wing of Satmar. NK are not chassidim, and don’t even pretend to be. They came out of the Prushim.

  • with the old breed

    there are more boys learning is Satmar then anywhere else.

  • Safest Place In The World

    Out Rebbe stated many times (see videos of the dollars line from the time of the Gulf war) that Eretz Yisroel is the safest place in world; that HaShem’s eyes are on Eretz Yisroel from the beginning of the year until the end of the year.

    • Milhouse

      Tell me, how safe was it when Hadrian’s troops were ravaging it, chopping down every tree? How safe was it when the Crusaders were rampaging through it, killing every non-Xian? If it were *always* the safest place in the world, why did our ancestors ever leave?

  • Rivky

    With all due respect, when lo lanu such a tragedy occurs we cannot even begin to fathom the reasons and certainly not to blame anyone. The parents are not at fault. If the Satmar rebbe wants to blame someone, let him blame the govt that does not properly protect its citizens. But not to blame parents! And not to blame people settling the land of Israel. that is not zionism. that is our right to the holy land, the entire land. the problem lies with the govt that has wrong policies concerning the arabs. But in truth we cannot blame anyone….we simply have to beg Hashem for rachamim and hopefully this will bring the geulah.
    In life everybody always wants to blame someone….why does it have to be that way? this is not a matter of blame. this is a matter of doing what Hashem says concerning security of eretz hakodesh.

  • Hashgacha Pratis

    Everything is hashgacha pratis. No matter where one lives, everything is meant for a reason.
    I think that the Israeli army should be more aggressive just like the American military is. The US army- marines, navy, Air Force…protects the country and doesn’t let itself be taken advantage of. When 9-11 happened we responded with war.

  • to #4

    even if it is so you think it’s normal to blame parents
    after they just lost there sons in cold blood in the shivah without even saying המקום ינחם

  • Mendy Hecht

    I’ve been working for a Satmar mosad for the past five years and as a proud Lubavitcher, I’ll be the first to explain and even defend the Satmar position, even though we don’t at all hold that way and completely disagree.

    In short, there are two problems here:

    1. The entire Jewish world, including the frum world, has so internalized the concept of a sovereign Jewish government in control of Eretz Yisroel that we cannot remember that there was a time where we were truly the Wandering Jews and didn’t know what was coming tomorrow. The fact of the State of Israel has permanently changed the Jewish psyche since 1948, and Satmar is basically the only community that still thinks collectively in the pre-state mentality. (One of the first things I noticed within a year of working within this community is how seriously they take non-Jews in positions of power–the classic European Jewish view of history truly lives here, in a very real way.) They, of course, consider this a most insidious violation of true Jewish faith. The Satmar Rebbe wrote his magnum opus against this change in thinking.

    2. Unfortunately, Satmar has very, very poor PR and so any time Satmar comes out with another public stance against the politically organized pre-Moshiach sovereign Jewish government in Eretz Yisroel, a stance made to seem even more extreme by the mainstreaming of “the Medinah” in the Jewish consciousness, they come out looking, er, very extreme. That’s not at all their intention, however.

    We of Chabad, of course, support not “the Medinah” per se but a strong Jewish presence and control of Eretz Hakodesh, per Torah and halachah, which both clearly say that Eretz Yisroel belongs to the Jews. Period. Even before Moshiach. The Rebbe insisted upon this in countless farbrengens, it goes without saying.

    Let me end with one anecdote: When I was a bochur, my roommate, a Yerushalmi Lubavitcher, practically flipped out when I started playing “Hatikvah” on my keyboard. “Osur! Osur!” And indeed, among the same Lubavitchers who will serve in the IDF to defend Eretz Hakodesh, it is.

    • Milhouse

      None of this explains why he thinks Nof Ayalon, Talmon, El’ad, or Kfar Etzion are more dangerous than Williamsburg. Even Chevron is safer than W’burg was 40 years ago.

    • K

      Compare apples to apples. Milhouse confuses apples with oranges.

      “Even Chevron is safer than W’burg was 40 years ago.”

      Be fair and honest: compare Chevron of 40 years ago with W’burg of 40 years ago – which was safer THEN?

  • shame on him

    although I totally disagree with his way of thinking I must say that I do admire the satmar way of not hiding their true beliefs and not being afraid what people will think or what impact this will have on their budget .In Lubavitch we have totally watered down our standards and are afraid to state our true beliefs on Zionism,reform or conservative as we need their support and have sold ourselves for the dollar

    • rochel

      You are right re watering down because of necessity of financial support and bodies in Shul. However, this old fool at least did right by my daughter – including 2 yrs seminary + 4 yrs YU, in addition to Gesher-12th grade all paid for, w/o feeding at the scholarship trough. I put my money where my mouth is and I have a Bat Yisroel, May she find her Bashert!

  • i love all Jews

    I am so inspired!
    The Baal Shem Tov founded Chassidim to promote and produce Ahavas Yisroel. I love all Yidden and especially the ones that love the Heilike land of Eretz Hakaidesh. I am also very loving to those guys with the peios and the dude who gave that speech, we love you. This is what will bring Moshiach!

  • More to this story!

    Let me quote what someone on another web site (YWN) wrote about this:

    HERE IS THE INSIDE SCOOP ON THIS: The Satmar Rebbe really means only one of the three, specifically the Frankels. With all due respect and pain I share with the Frankels… This wonderful family are in fact RELATED to the Satmar Rebbe shlita. They are “rebbishe einiklach” including the SATMAR dynasty! Their father visited the Satmar Rebbe zt”l (Beirach Moishe) and the families know each other personally. The Satmar Rebbe zt”l advised AGAINST moving FROM Brooklyn to West Back cities. He told him if they want kedusha they can find it in Yerushalyim or Bnei Brak. This is what PAINS the Rebbe Shlita. I am ceratin he has nothing against the parents of the other 2 kedoishim. (The Frankel uncle was interviewed on Kol Mevaser and he explained their relationship to the “Heilige Satmar Rebbe”! (his words)) Hamokem yenachem all aveilim of klal yisroel.

    • Milhouse

      Ridiculous. Nof Ayalon is not a “west back city”, and is no less safe than Yerushalayim or Bnei Brak — indeed it’s probably safer. And it’s a lot safer than Brooklyn. If R Yoel really thought otherwise then he was misinformed.

  • Anonymous

    The Rebbe was completely against giving away land.. is Satmar pro giving away land? If not, then why would there be a problem living in settlements?

  • how sad

    with ALL KLAL YISROEL being in great UNITY/AChDUS grieving with the parents comes along a chochem who has to break this achdus, only amalek can do this
    a role model tsu der tsu as well one who can’t live inpeace with a brother

  • the parents are protecting Jews everywhere

    “These lands were a gift from G-d, presented with stupefying miracles. Yet, because we had no trust in G-d, because we wanted to curry favor with the other nations, because we did not believe Eretz Yisroel belongs to us as an inheritance from G-d — we spurned His gift If the surrender of the territories poses a danger to the lives of all Jews living in Eretz Yisroel, the strengthening of the land is our protection. We must immediately populate all the lands in our possession, building settlements around the perimeter of Eretz Yisroel. This “security belt” of settlements, especially in the north, east and south, is the surest protection against the infiltration of terrorists. Moreover, the settlement of these lands is the best way of publicly demonstrating that they belong to us, and we do not intend to give them up to anyone. Fear not the wrath of the nations, for we will incur their displeasure whatever we do, whether we settle all the land or but a paltry few centers. When we show the world that it is indeed ours, when we establish our claim through concrete action, then all pressures will fall away. There are tens of thousands of Jews who are ready and eager to settle in these places if they are but allowed. Many, many settlements, thickly populating the land — that is the answer to the non-Jews’ questions and challenges.” from

  • thank you to the families of the Kedoshim

    Thank you for having mesiras nefesh to live in an area of our holy land which is surrounded by hateful people. Your sons died because of your love for the land. May Hashem put it into the hearts of the Israeli government to follow the words of the Rebbe regarding the land and to protect all of its citizens by not entering into any “peace” talks which aim to give away land and to release terrorists.


    Give me a break! The Satmar has missed the message of this whole tragedy, that of ahavas chinam!! what kind of Rebbe spews such hatred (cloaked in righteousness??) towards a fellow Jew?!!
    And he should go back to cheder (kitah Alef)where he will learn that Hashem gave the land of Erets Yisroel to us to be able to live in the ENTIRE land. Should we blame his parents for staying in Europe with those terrible nazis’???? and that was not OUR heritage!! He should better worry about all the undercover stuff committed by his holy chasidim who feel so holy and call a none frum yid a GOY! AND yes, this Rebbe will visit a chabad house while on ”vacation” in Florida because it’s convenient for him but NOT because he thinks so highly of it. IF HE IS TALKING ABOUT MECHILLA AND VIDUE, HE SHOULD BE ASKING AND BEGGING THESE POOR PARENTS FOR FORGIVENESS FOR HIS CRUEL NO RACHMONIS REPULSIVE REMARKS. Last but not least, why is he allowing his people to live in williamsburg and Monroe?? both places are overloaded with people that hate them as much as the arabs do?? (even though some of his noble chasidim support the arabs) He is talking out of two sides of his mouth! On the other hand, I can just picture how many thousands of tears the Rebbe would shed at such a tragedy. and what amazing words of comfort he would give each one of these poor parents. Ashreinu mah tov chelkainu that we are not part of such a closed minded bigotted people!

    • Honestly

      You really don’t sound that much different than him.aliyah for you.

  • Where is his heart?????

    A siman of a Yid:

    Rochmanin; Byshanim and Gomlai Chasadim

    I hope he asks mechila from family and does teshuva.

  • no words

    Shavua Tov from the Holy Land. I live not too far from where the boys HY”D were abuducted (nowhere is far in Israel!!) I think the Satmar Rebbe’s words were badly phrased & thoughtless but I think I understand what he said, similar to Millhouse’s interpretation. Living in the Gush is NOT safe. I wouldn’t live there & I am not afraid of too much, but I am cautious. It’s quite creepy to drive through Arab villages up there, I always feel they are watching and waiting. I drive over the “Green Line” countless times a week & I am watchful, but up in the Gush? A whole different scene. This stupid, dangerous practice of hitchiking should stop & it isn’t. Sometimes I pick up hitchikers but I’m afraid that some of them are Arabs! It isn’t unheard of for them to dress as Jews & they speak perfect Ivrit.

    I’m thinking perhaps the translation from Yiddish leaves some misinterpretation. Even so, blaming the partents is wrong & urging them to do Teshuva…for what? For trying to live & build up their communities, for sending their kids to Yeshiva & supporting Israel? Doesn’t make sense. May Hashem avenge their blood & bring the families nechama.

    • Milhouse

      The Gush is safer than anywhere in Brooklyn. If you’re afraid there, then you’d be terrified in Brooklyn. And just driving or being driven in a car in EY is dangerous; the extra risk from hitchhiking is less than that.

    • K

      Milhouse is so funny: ” just driving or being driven in a car in EY is dangerous; the extra risk from hitchhiking is less than that.”

      The risk from hitch hiking is LESS than driving or being driven! HUH??

      How do you suppose hitch hikers are transported? They ARE driven! So they carry the risk/danger of being driven AND hitch hiking.

      Milhouse is mamash comical!

  • chayaf

    this “rebbe” is a cruel individual, without regard or feelings for bereaved parents. The seforim also write that the generation before moshiach will be a generation of “dogs”..utterly bereft of leaders. This proves the point. If any “blame” should be put…it should be put squarely on to HaKodesh Baruch Hu who did not protect His children, and sets these “rebbes” up as “leaders”. I am sorry…but that is the truth.

  • saving the land

    the parents and all the other families who live in these kind of settlements are actually helping us keep it. if they didnt lie there then the arabs would get it for sure!!

  • WARNING: K is a Misnaged

    Those who do not know, should know, that K is a misnaged in kollel who has enough time for snooping on our website while giving chaburahs and authoring seforim because he needs to be marbitz his so called daas toras lockshin.

    These are his so called shitos:
    He attacks Milhouse relentlessly while inviting him to join his chaburah at BMG,
    He promotes the use of cholv akum (calls it cholov stam),
    He forbids the use of styrofoam – claims it is made with tallow,
    He encourages the YU Get me’usah and other Mod Orthodox takonos for agunos,
    He often will use lomdus or chazal to prove his point,
    He is a baal gaavah and very makpid on his kovod
    He is a MISNAGED!

    • K

      I agree with the description of me, except I am NOT a baal gavah, in fact I excell in anivus

    • YMSP

      I’m starting to think he’s a YU troll on here to make fun of misnagdim and of Lubavitch.

      Either that or the good folks at BMG have a “great luminary” on their hands.

    • Anti

      I am angered to see comments by K. He is a mechutzif that does not belong here. Send him back to where he came from.