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Neturei Karta Joins Islamists on Shabbos in Berlin


More than 1,000 Muslims marched Saturday in Berlin and chanted anti-Israel slogans to mark al-Quds Day, set by Iran following the Islamist revolution in the country.

The protestors in the anti-Israel rally were faced by hundreds of Israel fans who also arrived at the site.

Police in the German capital deployed in force to separate the two camps and prevent violent clashes.

The Islamic march was led by Iranian clerics, accompanied by anti-Zionist Neturei Karta Jews living in Europe.

“What’s taking place in Israel is a Shoah for the Palestinians,” one of the radical ultra-Orthodox Jews, Rabbi Beck, told Ynet. “We are waiting for the day Zionism collapses, and then Jews and Muslims would be able to live side by side in peace.”

While the rabbi spoke, protestors behind him were chanting “Allahu Akbar” and “Israel is a terrorist.”

The Muslim protestors held up banners accusing Israel of committing war crimes, as well as photographs of late Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini. They chanted “Freedom for Palestine” and “End the killing of civilians in Gaza.”

Before reaching the square where a rally was held, protest organizers urged the marchers to refrain from anti-Jewish chants, which are considered a criminal offence in Germany.

The atmosphere became tenser as the Muslim marchers approached the pro-Israel rally at the site.

Several Israel fans who held up Israeli flags near the Islamist march were immediately surrounded by police officers, and were asked to refrain from chanting pro-Israel slogans while the march passed by.

Members of the pro-Israel camp were chanting “Free Gaza from Hamas” and “Israel forever.”


  • 1. moshiach now!!! wrote:

    the idiots in this picture are Stamford hill’is
    report an abuser and the rabbonim accuse you of a chilul hashem and this in not, they are worse then nazi’s and that about sums up London

  • 2. European Mother wrote:

    I know from experience that they will never live side by side with us. It’s naive to think they would let us live peacefully. Go look at MEMRI if you don’t already know what they really think of us.


    when are we going to learn that the Neturei crackpots are just that! they fake phonies & frauds & not real yidden! why continue to give these crackpots & mishagoyim any publicity & legitimacy??

  • 8. rsa wrote:

    when the goyim have no more use for them, they will have no 2nd thoughts of worrying about their welfare.
    they are sick people, and there are no winners from them being like this.

  • 9. Kook Klutz Karta wrote:

    Ah, the yingeleit from the Sharia koilel on Alcombe road in Stamford Hill. Out looking for attention as usual. I guess with the riots over they can’t get any more negative press coverage locally so they went to Berlin.

    Why waste a beaver schvantz to cover a real schvantz?

  • 10. not in CH wrote:

    They are are on the IRANIAN payroll….the price “they” will pay is in the future.

  • 11. David Hompes wrote:

    They are nothing else than Neturei Kapos.
    When the Iranian Fascists have no use for them anymore they will gladly cut their throats.
    Ironically this plays in Berlin.

  • 12. Thinkster wrote:

    If the Muslims hate us so much, why can’t they just knock off the Neturei Karta guys?

  • 14. Maybe It-s Because I-m a Londoner wrote:

    “moshiach now!!! wrote:
    the idiots in this picture are Stamford hill’is
    report an abuser and the rabbonim accuse you of a chilul hashem and this in not, they are worse then nazi’s and that about sums up London”

    Does “moshiach now” mean just the so-called “stamford hilli’s” – or did he refer to the entire population of that city?

  • 15. why let them wrote:

    why let the neturei karta, who don’t even act like yidden, be called yidden and be able to live with yidden? anyways that work against us and their almost, if not like the arabs.


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