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Calls for “Bigger Ovens for the Jews” at pro-Hamas Demonstration in FL

A woman holds a sign “nuke israel”, from the video.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL [CHI] — In one breath a protestor says “Islam is a peaceful religion,” while another screams behind him, “they needed bigger ovens for all the Jews,” and cries of “nuke Israel,” followed by a torrent of other expletives directed at Jews and Americans. No, this scene did not take place in Gaza nor any other Arab city or country, it took place in downtown in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Broward Boulevard.

Video in the Extended Article.

Two to three hundred Palestinian supporters marched along the main strip screaming hateful things at Jews and Americans for supporting Israel. We could not post the video directly on the site because it contains profanities, instead we are linking to the video, which you may click on at your own discretion.

Click Here to watch the video on YouTube.

Video by: Tom Trento –


  • 4. Anti Hamas wrote:

    isreal needs to find out who those terrorist are and wipe them out too. They are the local hamas!

  • 5. AD MOSAI wrote:

    There was also a rally on Dec. 30 in Dallas, Texas and will be another one January 2.The protest didnt seem as violent as the people in Florida, but again I only drove by to get a glance, there were a lot of people though! When are these ppl going to stop? They are acting like all they have been doing is siting back and drinking lattes, when they are the actual agressors…Let’s just say…WE NEED MOSHIACH NOW!!!!!!AD MOSAI!!!!!!!!

  • 6. gdgdfgdg wrote:

    someone should shoot the lady holding the nuke israel flag, it’s just sick!!!!

  • 7. pole4321 wrote:


    At 1:52 i think a Mitzvah Tank passes by.

    The way they turn to face it (the mobile home) when it passes by makes me think that.

  • 8. trouble wrote:

    while watching the video i noticed that some of the arabs were wearing “BARAK FOR PRES” caps
    hashem yerachem

  • 9. Kop Doktar wrote:

    Is there no law in the state of Florida against inciting hatred against an identifiable group??

  • 10. Exact Simple Parable wrote:

    We see once again:

    Moslem = Violent. Hence we need to keep a buffer zone and police these terrorists. It was a mistake to let them closer which is rectified by pushing them back and keeping the buffer zone. Although it is harder to push them back than to keep them at their boundaries, it is still necessary.

  • 11. floridian wrote:

    I live in florida- very close to broward where this rally wass!!! seriously not normal! WE NEED MOSHIACH NOW!!


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