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Travel Tip: Cheaper Tickets to and from Israel

A reader of came across a travel tip for those traveling to and from Israel, and sent us the following email to share with other readers.

I think that your readers who visit Israel and like to travel should know that there are very cheap flights from Eilats Ovda Airport to Berlin, Milan, and Vienna. It’s only a four hour bus ride from Eilat to Tel Aviv. People can save a tremendous amount of money by flying from Eilat to cities like Berlin, Milan, and Vienna. Sometimes flights from Eilat to Berlin, Milan, and Vienna can cost as little as twenty to forty dollars round trip. Flying to the same cities from Tel Aviv usually costs at least five to ten times as much. Your readers should also know that in the summer they can fly round trip to Tel Aviv on Wow Airlines through Iceland for about four hundred dollars round trip.┬áPeople can also save a lot of money by flying to Israel from Montreal or Toronto.
For example, flying to Israel for a week from December fourth to the eleventh, would cost about six hundred and thirty dollars per person from Toronto on Air Canada, and about nine hundred and seventy dollars per person from New York on Delta, United, or El Al.


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  • 1. Getzel ginendel wrote:

    Those low cost flights are probably very limited with luggage and Cary on
    And anything extra you want to add are sometimes very costly,

  • 2. S59 wrote:

    Thanks. There are baggage fees on some airlines. Some airports, such as Ukraine, do not have good security. Wow airlines had a problem of kashrus.


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