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Netanyahu: No Matter Who Wins, We’ll Have a Friend in the White House

From The Jerusalem Post:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke with Israeli Army Radio Monday morning, following his meetings with presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The prime minster spoke of his meetings with the presidential candidates as well as recent comments made by former prime minster Ehud Barak.

Netanahu stated the he will not intervene in American politics and that both candidates are “well versed in Israeli affairs.”

“It is important for Israeli citizens to know no matter the election results we will have a friend in the White House. The next president will continue the strong alliance between Israel and the United States,” Netanyahu said.

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  • 1. Such lies wrote:

    What strong alliance between the US and Israel? If he’s referring to the one where the US continuously presses for peace talks and ignores Israel when it’s being attacked, then we’re in for lots of trouble the next 8 years, guaranteed.

  • 4. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Lest not we forget the Clinton foundation and one of its most important member–George Soros who not only hates Israel but all the freedoms thqt we in the United States enjoy. Of the two, Clinton is the worse option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6. he has to say this wrote:

    probably was holding his nose when he said this.

    the machashayfa is not a friend to anyone, not even to herself.
    How nauseating to hear her mention her concern for her two year old grandson. I do not believe she has any natural maternal instincts.

    she is a wretch!!
    I cannot believe how many people are stuck in this
    “must vote democrat” mentality!

    Let us hope there are enough of us that can still think for themselves.

    doesn’t anyone understand that there is no choice!
    Trump may say foolish things but he is not stupid and he WANTS to do the right things for this counrty…
    He really does!!!
    He will surround himself with rally good people and turn this mess around!!
    He more than anyone wants to succeed and we should give him that chance.

  • 7. Levi wrote:

    A “friend” in the white house will not save us. We need a “friend” in Shamayim! Let’s do teshuvah while we still can.


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