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Two Terror Attacks in One Hour

After a seeming lull in terrorist attacks, there were two attacks within an hour this afternoon, Friday, September 16, in Israel.

ZAKA volunteers were present at both scenes.

In the first attack at around 1:00pm, a Jordanian man was shot and killed as he tried to stab a police officer outside the Damascus Gate – the first such attack in the area for nearly six months.

ZAKA Jerusalem volunteer Meir Akar said: “We received a report of a stabbing attack after a period of relative calm. I arrived at the scene to find the terrorist showing no signs of life. After the police declared the area safe, the ZAKA volunteers placed the terrorist’s body in a black body bag. As we were in the midst of our work at the scene, I heard a call from the ZAKA hotline regarding another suspected terror attack, this time near Kiryat Arba. I hope this is not the beginning of another round of terror attacks.”

In the second attack, which took place at around 1:40pm, a Palestinian man and woman attempted to ram their vehicle into a bus stop at the Elias junction, near Kiryat Arba. The security forces killed the male terrorists and neutralized the female terrorist.

ZAKA volunteer in the Shai region, David Adrai said: “Two terrorists, a man and a woman, tried to carry out a car-ramming attack using a truck at the bus stop at the entrance to Kiryat Arba. IDF forces killed the driver and neutralized the passenger. After a sweep of the scene by the security forces, the female terrorist was evacuated by the Red Crescent in a critical condition and the ZAKA volunteers dealt with the terrorist’s remains.”

Photos courtesy ZAKA

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  • 2. wow wrote:

    What kind of a deal can Zaka have with the terrorist?
    Just bury him in pig skin and gomarnuh.

  • 3. Even one of ours is too many wrote:

    Terrible that this happens, virtually non-stop. But, that’s the way it’s been since 1948, when Israel became a state. However, if you compare that to the carnage happening beyond Israel’s border (okay, so-called “border”), it seems like a Bracha that, B”H, Israel does not have that.

  • 4. what 1948? wrote:

    dont you know history? there were attack
    swhere many were killed on Jews before 1948 !!!!

  • 5. Big Z Schapiro wrote:

    I’m Yisroel have no fear moshiach will be here this year we want moshiach now we don’t want to wait

  • 6. Are we glad? wrote:

    In the mid-70’s, when Yitzchak Rabin was Prime Minister, there were a couple of Arab factions fighting each other in Lebanon, like now in Syria, but not massive. This took pressure off Israel.

    Back then there was a TV show (well, a few shows like that), where a panel of journalists (4 to 5) would ask prominent world personalities questions and answers. When it came to politicians, the questions could be tough and grueling.

    Me and my mother were watching when Rabin was interviewed. So, came the biggie: “Mr. Rabin, that conflict going in your backyard (Lebanon) – Aren’t you glad they are, kind of, beating the heck out of each other?” My mother remarked,”Wouldn’t you like him to say yes?” Anyway, Rabin paused, then answered something like:”It is important to get both sides to sit down, talk to each other, and come out with a new impetus.”


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