Image from the 2013 Gaza conflict

Multiple Mortars Fired from Gaza into Israel

Multiple terror attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip over the past few days may signal the beginning of new hostilities between Israel and the Hamas-controlled Palestinian territory.

From Yeshiva World News:

Following one shooting attack from Gaza on Tuesday morning, an attack on Wednesday morning 26 Nissan and multiple mortar shell attacks on Wednesday afternoon, the IDF has declared the Nachal Ohz area a ‘closed military zone.’

As such, all non-military personnel are no longer permitted into the area as intermittent mortar shell fire continues.

B’chasdei Hashem there have not been any fatalities or injuries in the attacks, which may signal the beginning of renewed warfare from Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Arab sources report the IDF has returned fire at terrorist position in the Sajaiyeh area of Gaza following multiple mortar shell attacks into southern Israel. According to an unconfirmed report from Gaza, at least one person was injured from IDF return fire.

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    For many months now, there are numerous groups of women worldwide reciting Tanya resulting in the entire Sefer Tanya being completed copious times daily! I firmly believe that no matter what else they are davening for, the fact that bh there have been no injuries, is a direct and positive result! We are helping protect Eretz Hakodesh and yidden across the globe! MOSHIACH NOW!!!