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Two More Stabbings in Israel over Shabbos

Palestinian terrorists carried out two separate stabbing attacks in Jerusalem on Shabbos. Five people were injured in the attacks. Both attackers were shot dead by police.

The first incident occurred near the center of Jerusalem’s old city. A 16-year-old Arab stabbed two Israelis, after which he was shot and killed by police. The two victims were lightly wounded.

A short while later, just outside the Old City, another Palestinian stabbed two police officers, one in the neck. Other police officers opened fire and killed the attacker, but also wounded one of their own. The three injured officers were taken to a hospital, one in serious condition.


  • 1. I pray that this stops wrote:

    I pray that this stops, but I’m so happy that the terrorists are getting shot- as oppose to being put away in jail- only to come out and try to carry out more attacks or have more terrorist children.

  • 2. Refuah shalayma. wrote:

    All yidden should be safe, healthy and well. So sad over what’s happening in Israel and all over.
    I’m happy the terrorists were killed. Kein yirbu till the last soneh yisroel is gone.


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