OSHA Officially Withdraws Vaccinate-or-Test Mandate

by CrownHeights.info

An OSHA mandate that would have required 80 Million US workers to either Vaccinate or test has officially been withdrawn after receiving multiple failing grades in court rulings.

The mandate, which was officially supposed to go into effect on January 4th, was repeatedly delayed as lawsuits made their way through court. Ultimately the mandate was withdrawn entirely on Tuesday the 25th of January.

According to many reports, while the mandate in its present form was withdrawn, it is likely to return in other proposals.


  • Sherbron

    The big pharma mafia is not going to stop trying to jub every person on earth, and not only once, but regularly every few weeks, because there where the big money is.

  • Dovid

    Thank you Ben Shapiro from the Daily Wire for being one of the top ones fighting, and WINNING this fight for freedom.

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