New Kosher BNB Website for Crown Heights (Ad)

In the wake of Airbnb’s decision to boycott Israeli properties in portions of Israel, B&B Kosher has launched as a kosher alternative, and already has hundreds of properties and rooms available in Jewish neighborhoods around the world.

The site is launching in over 30 cities with a large amount of kosher accommodations in Crown Heights, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Miami, Los Angeles many more, and is quickly expanding throughout the world. There are already more than 350 properties and counting.

The announcement comes as Short term rentals & vacation rental owners and renters alike are looking for alternatives to Airbnb, who’s actions many deem as anti-Semitic.

The site not only offers luxury vacation homes for short term rentals, but gives people the ability to rent a room of a house, a bed, or even an entire kosher cottage in middle of a South African Safari Game Lodge.

“I grew up with a constant stream of guests coming through our doors,” says B&B Kosher founder, Yossi D. “People would knock on our door after hearing from friends that our home was always open. My siblings and I would move to the couches or mattresses and we accommodated as many people as we could. 

“Often, as we cleared the dishes from one meal, a new group would walk in and we’d serve them too.”

Crown Heights is renowned for the thousands upon thousands of guests that visit each year, and Yossi’s family, like many others, opened their doors and took them in graciously. “I want B&B Kosher to help give all kosher travelers the ability to make themselves comfortable and feel at home wherever they travel. 

“I want the hosts to enjoy those same feelings I had as a child,” says Yossi” Meeting new people, hearing fascinating stories, and experiencing that unique Jewish connection with strangers who become quick friends.

Yossi launched the new site from his new home in Israel, where he says people still call him to find accommodations in Crown Heights, Jerusalem and other cities. “The goal of B&B Kosher is to help relieve much of the pressure Jewish travelers face. Our hosts are all within walking distance to a shul and have many kosher restaurants, stores and amenities nearby.”

Yossi says the new site will help revolutionize Jewish travel. “Whether you’re coming to town for a family simcha, a vacation or a business meeting; or if you are renting out your basement, a spare room, or have an extra mattress; both parties can be comfortable in the knowledge that their Kosher customs and needs will be understood and met in the most comfortable way possible.“

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