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Official: US Embassy to Move to Jerusalem This May

An American official told Reuters on Friday that the US embassy in Israel will move to Jerusalem this coming May.

The opening is expected to take place on May 14, which marks 70 years of Israel’s declaration of Independence, sources said. They also confirmed to the AP that Congress has been informed of the decision.

President Trump addressed the decision to recognize Jerusalem in his CPAC address by saying: “Every presidential candidate promised during their campaign to recognize Jerusalem and none of them did. I said I will do it and was put under intense pressure not to. But I said we had to do the right thing. All the other presidents simply lied”.


  • 1. Really not good wrote:

    On the surface this seems great. Get into the logistics and you have a potential catastrophe of the likes which we have never seen. May is the month of our independence day, a day I personally love. It is also the day of the Nakba, or catastrophe, for the Palestinians. For them, this is a huge insult added to a bad injury. This could result in a terrible intifada, and deaths of many innocent Israeli citizens and tourists alike, along with Palestinian innocents who have nothing to do with terror. (Yes they exist.) Not a fan of this decision.

    • 2. Milhouse wrote:

      Yom Haatzmaut is not in May, and the Arabs will riot no matter what. Let them finally destroy any prospect of their being given a state.

  • 3. To number 1 wrote:

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. Fear is the price the coward pays for being a coward.

  • 4. Moishe pipek wrote:

    Great news!! Despite the fact that Hamas and #1 do not like it as well as (Pigdogan)Erdogan.

  • 5. To #1 wrote:

    So we should treat Israel as a pariah to keep you comfortable that the Arabs will only plan 25 terrorist attacks instead of 26.

  • 6. Bring it! wrote:

    Rosh Chodesh Sivan! Very befitting! Moshiach tzeiten! Soon the whole world will recognize Yerushalayim as capital of the world!

  • 7. Moishe pipek wrote:

    To #1 Here is something you can chant while fea grips you. From the river to the sea. Paleswine will never be INSHALLAH!

  • 8. #1 you remind me of a sad joke: wrote:

    There is a sad joke about the holocaust:
    On the way to a death camp one gravely dehydrated Yid asks a Nazi guard for a glass of water in the cattle car. Another Yid yells at him: be quite, you fool; you will get us all killed.

  • 9. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    Just remember that Palestine-Hamas maps of the region does not include the stte of israel!

  • 10. To #1 wrote:

    So surely you are (if you’re a male) going out and getting as many men as possible to put on tefillin and if you’re a lady, asking other ladies to get their husbands, sons etc. to put on tefillin. The Rebbe said tefillin helps protect Israel.


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