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Ikea Dresser Again Recalled After Death of 8th Child

From the Washington Post:

Ikea relaunched a recall of 29 million chests and dressers Tuesday after the death of an eighth child.

CEO Lars Petersson said Ikea wants to increase awareness of the recall campaign for several types of chest and dressers that can easily tip over if not properly anchored to a wall.

The death of a California toddler, who was found trapped underneath an Ikea Malm dresser in May, has raised questions about whether Ikea has effectively spread the word about the recall, which was first announced in June 2016. The Swedish retailer and the federal safety regulators are asking customers to take immediate action to secure the dressers, or to return them.

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  • 1. Reap what You Plant wrote:

    Ikea supports the Palestinian Arabs’ position 100%. Sweden b’chlal, has become a place where Jews cannot live in safety. Think this has anything to do with this article?

  • 2. Dovid wrote:

    Mount your chest of drawers to the wall. Test it by opening all the drawers at once (your kids will do this) and lean on a drawer, you can see how easily it can fall.


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